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Sunday, February 07, 2021

We were asked to blog about what we are doing right for this round, well here goes:

FOOD: I am Eating Healthy planned meals. I follow the Bright Line Eating Plan, with a few variations. I pre plan my meals each night, and follow through as closely as I can ( sometimes things come up that can vary the plan a little.) I eat lean meats and fish, lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, grains and healthy fats.

EXERCISE : I follow a lot of Chair Exercises, and Dance, I do my Cubii Peddler 30 min each day, I also do Yoga stretches every morning. I try to add in Strength exercises 3x a week, with dumbbells and bands.

WATER: I try to drink 8 glasses of water daily, but I am happy if I do 6.

SLEEP: This is a work in progress, my sleep is often interrupted at night, so have to get a better routine going, and no drinking anything before bedtime lol!

AZURE: I try to get on the Azure thread daily to inter-act with my Azure sisters. I follow the Exercises provided for us from our Executive. I also like to do the WEC and most weeks, will get full scores.

So this is the routine, I am slowly losing a few lbs ( 44 so far). and will continue until I have reached my goal of 150 lbs! 38 more to go

I am trying to make this journey to health a fun one, and not worry about those odd special times I go off routine, as long as I don't over-do I am happy!

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