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Vaccine Frustration

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Shortly after my son moved back to Canada to accept a tenured position as a physics professor, about 20 years ago, he began to comment that the Canadian government was cutting financial support for scientific research.

Now we are paying for those cuts. Canada currently has no labs capable of producing the quantity of Covid-19 vaccines needed to protect the Canadian population. We must rely on major labs in Europe, and Canada signed contracts 8-10 or even more months ago to provide millions of doses. Now, though, the quantity of vaccines received does not match the quantity promised.

Canada has chosen to vaccinate people in the following order:
- staff in long-term nursing homes
- residents in long-term nursing homes and seniors’ residences with communal dining rooms
- staff in hospital ICU and Emergency departments
- other hospital staff

This group was supposed to have both doses by the end of March. The we would move, in steps, to:
- those over 80 living in the community
- those over 70 living in the community
- other front-line workers... a bit hazy who would be included here. Perhaps workers in certain
large industries, police, emergency workers, grocery clerks
- those over 60

Hopefully this group will be completely vaccinated by the end of June

Then, I think, it will go to the general population 18 and over, through large vaccine clinics, pharmacies and doctors’ offices.

The government is still saying that by the end of September, “anyone who wants to be vaccinated” will have received their two shots.

I would feel so much better if Canada could supply some, if not all, of its needs.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is also very frustrating for sure.
    I live in Rhode Island the smallest state and our governor has done a wonderful job managing the pandemic (by the way, she probably will be our new commerce secretary in the next week or so ...she such a good manager...she will have a budget of billions and hundreds of thousands of employees).
    We also are the corporate headquarters for CVS the drug store chain that actually started in Rhode Island so she had access to a lot of testing but the vaccine is handed out by the federal government and that’s where we’re falling down.
    I’ll be 69 soon and my husband is 71 and we are probably going to get our vaccines by the end of February. Guess I can’t complain about that huh?
    Not that it will change that much because I’m probably still not going out very much and I’ll definitely be masked and socially distancing etc. I guess it will give us some peace of mind.
    Have a peaceful Sunday Gail.
    63 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    It seems that in a number of countries, health services have been cut back in recent years, and we’re asked to protect them when their fragile state is due to under funding.
    64 days ago
    Here in the US and in my state specifically there is also a vaccine shortage. I am eligible but no vaccines. emoticon
    66 days ago
    Wow, I had no idea you were looking at such a long wait. I feel so lucky to be already getting it - I know a number of people older than me living in a county an hour away who can't get an appointment for love or money. There's just been such a lack of centralized management - either from the federal government to the states, or the states to the counties.
    68 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Gail, it is frustrating here in TN too and what I am seeing in TX. Of course this is where I live, and my children live so that is why I am watching these two states carefully. My daughter had an appointment time last week for her first shot, and when my husband took her, there were 500 cars waiting in a 4 hour line. Even though she had a confirmed appointment. So he left and will try again tomorrow for her.
    It’s all so ridiculous.
    Hang in there. I know it’s easy to say. I’m sending hugs and prayers to you that you can get yours soon.
    68 days ago
    I am frustrated with the vaccine roll-out here in the US also. Each state has its own rules. My state overall is doing pretty well -- but they are not following the CDC guidelines. They are giving the vaccine to all teachers before seniors; and it doesn't matter if the teacher is teaching in-person classes or not (most of our schools are still closed). And of course, seniors are the ones dying at a much greater rate.

    I do agree with the first two groups to get the vaccine (health care workers, and seniors + staff in long term care facilities). And I don't want to diminish the role of teachers and other workers; I know our governor wants the schools to open. I guess the real issue is a shortage of the vaccine.

    The cut in science research and funding for development is a huge problem. We DO have vaccine facilities here in the US, but we are way behind in sequencing the virus. So we don't really know which strains of the vaccine are most prevalent. And we are not tracking how the various strains of the virus spread (like the spread from the Sturgis motorcycle rally, or the spread from the White House Supreme Court confirmation even).

    68 days ago
    Your right
    68 days ago
    okay, guys... you're right... but I'm still frustrated that we have to depend on other countries for our vaccine rather than making it here! The new lab in Montreal is a great step, but the PM estimates that it will make 1M doses a year...

    I'm not being critical of the current government; I think they are working extremely hard and deserve a lot of credit for all the work they are doing. I am frustrated, though, with the previous governments which significantly reduced research money to Canadian scientists, making us vulnerable and dependent on others.
    68 days ago
    I agree with MOLLIEMAC. We need to be patient and keep doing what we are doing. Even with the vaccine, we aren't sure what will happen next.
    68 days ago
    Gail, it has just been announced that the vaccine lab in Montreal will be in operation early in the summer. I am very willing to wait my turn and I find no fault with the way our vaccine roll out is happening. We are a big, unwieldy country with a very small population; the logistics are mind numbing. Be patient and know that even after we get our shots we will still need to wear masks, wash our hands and keep our distance. No one knows if the vaccine will prevent us from spreading the virus to others or in fact even getting COVID as new variants keep arising. Be thankful we have public health care and that we have so many doing so much for all of us.
    68 days ago
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