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Thursday, January 28, 2021

emoticon Hello dear sparklers!

I'm at my little consignment gallery today. It's a FANTASTIC day out which is always bad news for retail. People always prefer the beach to retail shopping on days like this. AND...who can blame them..that's right where I'd be too if I could.

It's been a mile a minute in Bobbi world. I was really burning the candle at both ends for the past several weeks and it caught up with me. My mind totally thinks I'm still 30 years old but my body says...WHAT THE HECK woman..you are NOT!

It's a conundrum. But I'm learning to pace myself...it's the only way to preserve balance.

I came down with the sniffles a few days ago. And my left eye was watering non-stop. Of course, that TOTALLY freaked me out with Covid running rampant here in SW FL. I felt like it was allergies and when I took an antihistamine they cleared right up but I scheduled a Covid test just to be extra, extra sure. I should get my results today or tomorrow...I hope.

The test was easy peasy...I just called CVS, obtained an appointment, got a registration # and a time. Drove to the prescription lane, the pharmacist sent out a package with a swab and a vial and a return clear bag. He instructed me every step of the way...insert the swab as far into your nostrils as possible, rotate 3 times, hold for a count of 15 and repeat in the other nostril. He even counted down the 15 seconds...sooo cute..handholding from a distance ha ha. Then you break off the swab, put it in the vial and seal in plastic bag and drop in the drop box. I hope they can be that efficient with the actual vaccinations. It was very quick and easy.

I opted for the test as a better to be safe than sorry right? In the meantime I stay waaaayyyy far away from any customers that come into the gallery and wear my mask and disinfect constantly. My hands are chapped from so much hand washing.

On my meetup experiences I am pretty much down to three gents. It takes ENERGY and effort to continually meet new men and although I probably could see someone pretty much every week if I wanted to I've decided to preserve my energy and see how these three men pan out.

I think I told you about Mr. Mountain man who is a retired civil engineer from Lakeland FL. He is a widower and is really really smart! It's a pain that he is 3 hours away so when he comes to visit it's usually for several days at a time to offset the drive. He stays at The Hyatt that is literally minutes away from my house. He's respectable, and courteous and did I mention really, really SMART?

I've always been attracted to smart men..that is TALL, smart men.

I know I'm being an 'elevation snob' but my first husband was short (5'9") by mens' standards and he ALWAYS had a chip on his shoulder about that issue. I'm just not into 'short men' issues this time round. Forgive me...but the truth is the truth.

The second is Mr. Lawyer man who lives in Naples. Much better match geographically. He too is super smart. Harvard educated and he was quite successful. I try not to let that play into my thinking but of course it does...it is just human nature.

My little momma always said why fall in love with the violin player when you could fall in love with the orchestra leader...my little momma was pretty smart that way.

Then there is Mr. Golf Pro guy that is right here in Bonita and will probably be a good friend..again with the height...he is 5'9"...I don't know him that well but I think the 'friend zone' is a better place for us.

So...as you can tell...I'm trying my best to find a happy balance and to explore my options on what a future happy life could look like.

It's a leap of faith, it isn't easy, but it is fun and good for the soul to meet a few lovely men...they ARE out there my friends...you just have to put your 'big gurl panites' on and look for them.

I'm SO proud of my bad self for losing -51 lbs to date. I feel SO much better and the weight loss has done wonders for my self esteem.

Once again...we all have choices to make every single day. We can CHOOSE to be happy, we can CHOOSE to be healthy, we can CHOOSE to move forward in life.

My two angels...my beautiful son and his dad...are cheering me on...I just feel it!

Stay healthy, stay happy, do not be afraid, the world is your oyster...get out there and LIVE!


Bobbi Anne

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