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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Waves hello to everyone near and far emoticon

Hope everyone has a restful sleep and are ready for today. Please remember to keep your masks ON everywhere you go to be SAFE, hugs.

I have two little dogs about 15 lbs. that I love and adore and are my companions, my babies and I bathe them every two weeks during the winter and of course feed them well, take them for walks, take them on field trips to Walmart, love on them, play, etc..... They are very, very close with one another.

and from time to time, they get sick or not feeling well... it happens, it is a part of life...

Today is... I can't remember how many days... but I am taking care of one of my babies VERY closely as she heals... the poodle = who has a skin infection on her tail near the anal area. it is bad. Three trips to the animal hospital, meds, creams, frequent baths, crying, whining, trembling, comforting her, sleepless nights, purchasing a collar to keep her from biting the area ... it is ROUGH to be honest and I stay by her side literally or my son if I am away for a brief bit.

emoticon My dog dislikes the collar... but after talking with the doctor yesterday on the phone expressing my worry and crying on the phone to her because my baby was trembling in pain the doctor instructed me to keep giving her meds on time, do NOT add any type of shampoo to the dog during bath time as the chemicals will IRRITATE the infected skin and then she added actually STOP bathing the dog at this time all together, use the gentle cleansing solution given with cotton swabs and the MOST IMPORTANT THING = KEEP that collar ON because once she opens the infected itchy area again, the bleeding will start, skin turns red and we have to start this procedure ALL over again from scratch.

so last night I kept the collar ON ALL NIGHT no matter how much I felt sorry for her... it was for her OWN GOOD to be protected...

emoticon as a result, this morning she did NOT wake up crying and whining emoticon as she was NOT able to scratch the infected area last night, thank goodness. I kissed her and petted her and she kissed me back

emoticon and took both of my babies OUT for an early morning walk on MY street in my robe...
lol... it was REALLY early in the morning like crack of dawn early ... emoticon who was going to see me? and did I care? no lol.

emoticon Today is a BETTER day... more calmer and more quieter so I think the antibiotics are working little by little as they enter her system and pain pills and children's liquid pain med....

After several hours this morning of trying to keep her calm or calmer... here are some photos:

how many days do I have to KEEP this collar on mom?

Getting sleepy on her plush red bed on the couch next to me

Finally sleeping after I inserted a small blankie for comfort,
Sometimes, she likes to put her face In the blankie .
She is LITERALLY right now next to me on the couch sleeping, finally ... poor baby. She will sleep for a bit, wake up and LOOK at me to SEE if I am still there.. then falls back to sleep as I gently pet her back to sleep. I treasure these quiet moments, hugs. Sometimes if I am lucky, I can INCH my way off the couch so she won't wake UP... to go to the ladies room... funny but it it TRUE.

emoticon when someone you care about is ill,
or your baby is ill, human emoticon or animal emoticon,
you WILL do what it takes and spend whatever needs to be spent to get them well
and happy again over time while you STICK TO YOUR EATING Plan yes?
YES emoticon and drink your water emoticon please, hugs .... emoticon

I will be at HOME all this weekend taking care of my baby.... I try to nap when she naps. I am still eating a meatless eating plan to get my intestines back to normal from constipation, still eating a minimum of ONE apple per day and eating broccoli daily remembering to get that natural fruit and vegetable FIBER "in" my body as much as possible and drinking LOTS of water, yeh!!! .

emoticon REMEMBER: Whatever the challenge or circumstance...
do your very BEST to stay focused as much as you can and
follow your Plan and your GOALS and do not let anything deter from it.

Example: I am stuck to this couch taking care of my baby, no zumba class today....
BUT I have my apples and water next to me... My son later will watch my baby for a few minutes while I go to the kitchen to get broccoli from the freezer and mash potatoes from the refrigerator and seasoned can black beans to eat later as I heat it up in the microwave because i rarelyyyy cook on the stove.... The point is: I do what I can to HELP my journey

emoticon and so can you sweet angels. emoticon

you are NOT alone here at Spark People,
we are Family and will love on you and support you and cheer you on emoticon
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