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Tomorrow is Different

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hubby and I have settled into a comfortable daily routine. Most days are much the same but we are happy and satisfied with what we are doing. I make several new recipes a week (New York Times and allrecipes.com) and hubby does his share of cooking too; so the meals are interesting. The weather is very pleasant, the grass is green and spring seems near. A little yardwork is continuing and the tulips are coming up. We enjoy playing cards and board games. Our affectionate dogs are great walking companions that get us out in the world.

We both have a bit of an introversion. This a time for introverts to shine.

We are reorganizing our house and there is a certain satisfaction with that. In time we will launch an update to our house. Some projects on the go - repurposing our garage so we are purging... slowly but it is happening. Anyone want a pool table? Wii? This week we will unpack the new big screen TV and find a ceiling mounting kit. For now it will be fine sitting on a table. We watch very little TV, but it will be nice to watch concerts and a couple of movies a week. I have not watched the inauguration concert and fireworks but have saved it to watch on the big screen.

Our daily exercise has been ongoing since May 28th, perfect attendance!

We are looking in our pictures to find pics of our family and friends so we can print them off (curbside pickup), put them in little frames and send with birthday cards. I seldom shop but when I do, I look for little 'emergency' gifts to have on hand for special occasions. I am learning French on Duolingo. It seems much easier than the Spanish I learned last year, but likely it's because French is similar to Spanish. We listen to a lot of audiobooks - online library is great!

We are both SparkPeople, and in the Winter 5% Challenge. It which helps us develop/strengthen our healthy habits. Our Winter travel theme - Famous Walking Trails! Our Living the Good Life (LTGL) Theme – Learn something new or renew an interest/hobby. Mine is Duolingo French. And I am working on the next 5 pound weight loss.

I am planning for parties we will have sometime this year when everyone is vaccinated. There should be celebration for each friend. I like to celebrate 'extra' events like American Thanksgiving and now will add Ukrainian Christmas which is January 7th. Confession our Christmas tree is still up.

I make a point of having enough variation to our days so there are few 'Blursdays'. I read/glance at the NYT online. I get new ideas for books, lifestyle, recipes, business, etc. There are so many interesting articles that have nothing to do with COVID or politics.

When I look around there is always something new and interesting to try. Here a possible new recipe. If you tried it please let me know. emoticon armagazine.com/3

In our province all events and social gatherings are suspended, so people do not visit outside their households. Masks are mandatory for indoors public space - stores, medical visits, etc. We see our neighbor friends (from a distance) when we walk our dogs several times a day. A few times a week we go to various dog parks and it's relatively social. There are no masks there. Everyone is respectful and keeps a distance, and with a little social exchange with other doggy people, who are a socially deprived as we are haha.

Tomorrow is a first, we are meeting friends (not doggy people) at a 55-acre dog park. with fantastic trails, some of them paved. These are the people we toured South America with, then went on the 'cruise', had a COVID lockdown, and shared the precarious situation of getting off the ship, and a flight home. We haven't seen them since April 6th. Well we haven't seen anybody much.

In anticipation of seeing them, I will take a little extra care with my appearance; think of 3 very uplifting/positive things we can talk about. We have all be quite sheltered and homebound for months, so this does seem like a 'big event'. I will take my new camera and get some new pictures of them.

Is there something you like to do so you don't have Blursdays?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Enjoyed the blog! You are making the most of the situation therefore emoticon
    As for the recipe it is a little out there for me! emoticon
    74 days ago
    emoticon I have a few squirrels you can have for your recipe - however I have not served liver since it made my whole family sick - all 5 of us needed the washroom at the same time & only one toilet...
    Enjoy your visit with your touring mates!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    76 days ago
    77 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan. With so much time at home it is best to stay busy. I saw the recipe hmm I’ll pass emoticon emoticon
    77 days ago
    Being an ambivert, I need people now and then - I get some from zoom meeting and zoom game nights with my book club. I miss my conventions. They are draining, but so much fun. I also miss the Ren Faire and hope it will be able to open this summer.
    77 days ago
    I am very busy with work right now, but working from home full time because COVID hit my office a few weeks ago, so the two offices are mostly closed right now. I don't see anyone all week, but I go to church Saturday evenings for a small service (vespers) and that helps me out. I go every other week on Sunday mornings and socially distance and wear a mask. It's really my only social outlet right now so it is kinda necessary for me.

    I listen to a lot of audio books like you, plus I am reading a bunch on my e-reader. I am working on one book that is 900 pages long-- "In the First Circle" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I go to virtual book club each month via Zoom. I miss my weekly TOPS meetings the most and hope we will be back eventually, but I think it will be a couple more months. I do my challenges here on Spark and enjoy talking to my teammates throughout the week and encouraging each other. That really helps me beat the "social blues." It's difficult because I live alone, so I have to make the best of it and try to find virtual ways to talk to people regularly. Oh, and I always make a point of having a couple of phone conversations on the weekend.
    78 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    78 days ago
    Well done. Good to keep things varied . . .. keeps the brain active!
    78 days ago
    You have a pool table and I have a TV console that I need to find a home for. Maybe one of the sons will take it. lol
    78 days ago
    I too am looking forward to inoculation freedom! Can not arrive soon enough.
    78 days ago
    We are decluttering and cleaning out our polebarn. Getting rid of junk. Lightning the load. We like to be outside. We are introverts so not being able to go places doesn't really bother us. Like LIS193 said - love it.
    79 days ago
    Blursdays! I’ve been managing 7 of these each week recently
    79 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Sounds like a fun visit and catch up time. Indeed life has been "different"..easier for introverts but even those that tend to be hermit like are being caught up in the Covid whirlpool.
    Enjoy ..sure sounds like you will!!
    79 days ago
    LOL LOVE the BLURSDAY!! If I weren't working and before I started the new again job in October that FIT!! Very well!!

    I too, am starting to make plans for when this is over. Since my place is small it's really only comfy for 5 or 6 here, 8 its cramped. Likely you'll do several parties, I will too!! INDEED making plans for healthier meals and who I want, games at other times, I LOVE painting and teaching it along with various other hobbies, so yes of course those also!!

    WOOOHOOO to this HOPEFULLY being over by the fall. TY TY TY it's going to help those who haven't to look FORWARD to being hugged again. WOW Do I MISS my friends, sure I see them on ZOOM, nothing like a HUG though.
    79 days ago
    Good planning helps and finding a routine which suits you. I’ve been trying to get DH to choose some photos of his children and grandchildren to print off. Hey ho, maybe next time....
    79 days ago
    I like your Blursdays--maybe enough to quit having them, lol it must help to have a DH on the same page. But, I am curious, is it really green with pleasant weather there!? Or do you replace the drearingness of cold grubby snow covered yuck with the mindset that it's tulip time? Or put another way is your Winter half full while mine is half empty? Lol
    79 days ago
    It sounds like you are doing great! emoticon
    79 days ago
    Great that you are creative in staying busy with no Blursdays. I don't have trouble finding things to do. I am finding ways to keep exercising each day. New workouts online are easy to find and I have missed a lot of movies. I find I can walk while watching movies and the time passes so much faster! Thanks for all your blogs that have been helpful. Have used your links for exercise! emoticon
    79 days ago
    79 days ago
  • CATE195
    I remember your adventures trying to get home from your cruise. Enjoy your time with your friends. emoticon
    79 days ago
    Goodness! You've planned right into next year (Jan. 7)! I'll bet you are anxiously anticipating when you can get together (and not have to social distance) with family and friends.

    Yesterday we met with my cousin, whom I have not seen for half a century, and went to the zoo in Tampa. It was a great time for me, trading family stories and filling in blanks in our knowledge of our parents (our mothers were sisters).
    79 days ago
  • LIS193
    Being homebound it’s especially important to keep a routine in place. For me, an introvert, this last year has been great! No need to go out and see people, no meals out etc. Love it!

    79 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great system going! Enjoy your visit with your friends.

    Early in the pandemic, I realized I would have to make some sort of commitment to keep my life varied. I decided to every day: Exercise (varied program); get outside; do one creative activity (art, music, other); and do at least one unpleasant chore that needs doing. So far it has been working.
    79 days ago
    79 days ago
    You've got it down to a science!

    79 days ago
    Interesting and busy. Good for you. It takes innovations and curiosity to come up with things to do during shut down.
    79 days ago
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