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Intermittent Fasting -- are you stalled??

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Are you stalled with your OMAD?

I read the following on one of the FB groups I follow with ELAB. There is some good information below!!


I am taking a Masterclass with Megan Ramos. She is the CEO co founder and first patient of Dr. Fung's fasting clinic in Toronto Canada. I am halfway through the course and taking lots of good notes for you guys if you have questions.

But yesterday's lesson was on OMAD and the 16/30 protocol.

I thought Bears would like this!

She said OMAD is great some people do really well. But some people don't. She said that when we do OMAD our bodies tend to adapt. And slow our base energy output, so that it doesn't have to use fat stores. If it cuts the energy from some of our internal functions it can get by on less food energy and doesn't have to access the stored energy. She said if you are not ready for extended fasting or just don't want to do those longer fasts yet there is something you can do to try to break the stall.

First get lots of healthy fats in your meal. Add eggs olives and avacados and good quality oils in your dressings fatty meats (fatty beef dark meat from chicken and fatty fish)

Then mix up your OMAD with a 16/30 protocol that would look something like this.

Monday eat lunch
Tuesday eat dinner (you just did a 30 hour fast)
Wednesday lunch (a 16 hour fast)
Thursday dinner (30)
Friday lunch (16)
Saturday dinner (30)
Sunday eat 1 2 or 3 meals of your choice. And start over Monday

She said it is enough change to to confuse the body. It doesn't know when the next meal is coming so it starts using the stored energy again!!


I was pretty excited about this. I know when I do an EF -- 48/72 hours I mix up the days as I don't want my body to become accustomed to when I am fasting. Not sure why I didn't think to try and do it for my 23 hour fast.

If anyone tries it. Let me know if it breaks your stall!

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