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Depression January 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This weekend was a nice long one. Unfortunately, that meant today, I had to do all of yesterday's work before I could sign off. It made for a long day and the dogs didn't get a walk. I will pay for that tomorrow.

I was able to catch up with my sister, my mom, and a good friend via the phone on Saturday. Sadly, all their news was depressing and it really put me in a depressive mood.

I spent yesterday wondering why diet, why exercise? What difference does it make? Thankfully, my routine kept me on track. Eating healthy and exercising does make a difference. Today, I was over the funk and felt much better. I probably would have felt worse if I had just given into the bad eating.

The bad news included some deaths. My mom owns her own business. Due to the COVID issues and the AHC as well as the increase in wages, she says that she will have to close. She is not a person of color so she is not slated for any of the relief funds. She does employee 95% minorities who will be out of jobs when she closes. She has looked into selling the business to help keep their jobs. She owns a Nursing home for the mentally disabled. She will have to find new homes for each of them. She has 100 beds or more. For someone to take over the business, they would have to apply for a license which due to COVID will take 2 years so that is out. She also has some mask violations because it is next to impossible to get the mentally challenged to keep on their face masks. She has had very few cases and most of them were employees. No one has died. She said that the patients don't go anywhere and they just can't see why they need the mask.

My mom is in her 70s. I recommended that she start finding new homes now for the patients. Then close down the building and sell it empty to whomever is willing to buy it. It is in a poor neighborhood. Crime is up like everywhere else but they leave the mentally disabled alone. The building is in very good condition because she has spent a lot of money on it so that it is a nice home for the patients. It has been in the family for a long time. I have never worked in this building. She had to sell the other 2 several years ago.

I just wanted to vent. Depression is tough and I am glad I didn't cave in to any bad habits.
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