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"You are SO Dogmatic . . . "!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Yes, that's what I said to my DH this morning. When, after his bone scan appointment, he announced that he probably needed to be taking a Vitamin D + Calcium supplement . . . but not, of course, MY supplement. Which he could start to take right away because it's right here and available.

My supplement is (after a process of trial and error) the one that I will remember to take. The one I DO remember to take. Because it's a flavoured chewy and it tastes delicious!! So very clearly and obviously the right choice: that's my considered opinion!!

But DH tells me (without of course ever having tried my supplement) that he prefers to take two pills. A Vitamin D pill. And a Calcium pill. Which means he needs to confer with the pharmacist to find the right dose for each pill to be taken in combination. And and and . . .

"You're over-thinking it, " I told him. "Many people take Vitamin D + Calcium, which is why there are lots of commercial products to meet the need. You just need to buy one and take it . . . or you can use mine!"

But, no no no he reiterated, he prefers to take a pill. Or two pills. Offering no rational explanation for this arbitrary preference. But meaning he absolutely needs to talk to the pharmacist before he decides which pill, or pills, will best suit his needs! And and and . . .


"That's because you ARE a pill," I might have muttered, although not likely. Because I'm just not that kind of person, right? And if I did say it, it would have been with a smile on my face.

I'm absolutely sure and do admit that I did say, "You are SOOOOOOO dogmatic!!"

To which DH did not respond at all, merely calling out to Henry, "Do you hear what she called me? Dogmatic!! What a compliment!! Probably because MY tail is always wagging on automatic, just like yours . . . "

Yeah yeah yeah, just another service provided by the DOF support dog . .. a convenient third party at whom to direct mildly antagonistic and somewhat testy comments!!

Evoking merriment.

For sure: we are merried!! A very long time . . . and some days longer than others!

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