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Projects during Covid-19 Lockdown

Sunday, January 17, 2021

It’s been 10 months now, and I’m struggling to find projects that I WANT to do rather than projects that I SHOULD do... and there certainly are lots of the latter.

This week-end I decided to sort the books in our back bedroom... wonder when it will become a guest room again? To give you some background, Peter and I are voracious readers and there are big bookcases in almost every room plus about 10’ of overflow floor to ceiling in the basement.

We tend to read different kinds of books. I enjoy fiction much more than Peter does. He reads more biographies than I do. He has many, many, many books on cars, motorcycles and trains, while I have more travel books, as well as books on visual artists, religion and architecture.

One of the items on the to-do lists I made the first week of January was to go through my books (I wouldn’t dare cull Peter’s) and find some to donate to the little free libraries around town, others for the church library, and others for the “Friends of the Library book sale”, which supports the municipal public library. The purpose was to make space for new books received for Christmas and others I will buy using an Amazon gift card Peter gave me. This is in line with my recent attempt to do the one-in, one-out plan.

It is hard for me to give away books that I love. I’ve read many of them 3 or 4 times, and know that I will read them again. I did come up with a grocery bag full for the free libraries, though, and will take them around tomorrow. I’ve started a box for the Friends Sale, and have put a few aside for when Sunday School starts again... maybe in September.

BUT... in the middle of this SHOULD do, I found something I will ENJOY... brochures from some of our recent trips which were never put into scrapbooks. That will be fun... even though I know they won’t mean anything to our kids, who will throw them out when we are gone.

Any projects you’ve enjoyed doing during lockdown?

Thanks for reading,
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  • DESIREE672
    It sounds to me as if your books are precious enough for you to keep as many as you can. Could you increase bookshelf space and instead reduce other possessions so that you don’t have to get rid of so many books?
    My daughter is moving in with us and I have to empty my office of books on retirement, so I really sympathize! I’m thinking of rearranging and getting rid of some furniture to create more space.
    Best of luck with your projects!
    34 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2021 9:35:28 PM
    I am an avid reader as well but I am also a minimalist. My bookcase has about two dozen "must keep" books and every week I rely on the local library for at least 2-3 new to me reads. Over the years I have donated most of my once large collection to the University Women's Foundation for their annual book sales that raise money for bursaries for needy female students.
    35 days ago
    I am an avid reader. Our house had become over run with too many books, everywhere. I have become an ebook fan. I read on my ipad. That is the only way I could bear to part with any of my books. We donated many to a mission. We sold some at yard sales. We gave some to the library to sell to support their programs. I still have a few. emoticon
    39 days ago
    I went through all of MY books a year ago and donated most of them to the library in town and will take the rest to our all town sale this Spring to make $ for the Food Harvest program. They have a way to have the sale without fear of crowds. They have a list of all of the donated books and all you have to do to purchase is to fill out a form, with several choices and they fill this order and you get in line (in your car) to pick them up.

    The project that I am loving right now has to do with Elizabeth and Nola. I gave both of them books for Christmas. I read the books before giving them to the girls and when we are together we have a list of questions about the material in each book and discuss them much like you would in a book club. We also act out certain scenes and have to guess which book they are from. Nola likes this one the best. I see Drama in her future.
    39 days ago
    I guess because we were a military family for our first ten years of marriage and moved so much (back and forth across the country, but alas, never fact, moved 13 times in ten years) that we learned not to accumulate much.
    We both read a lot but rarely buy books, other than children’s books and travel guides, so we only have one medium sized bookcase.
    My project/accomplishment this year is, like many, cleaning out closets and the basement storage bins.
    My pre-Covid housecleaner volunteers at a homeless shelter and they gratefully accept any and all donations..clothes, linens, housewares. That has made it so much easier to part with things I have accumulated....knowing they are going to people in need.
    My next project is to gather photos of dear Patrick in one place to preserve somehow for his children
    Good luck with you project, Gail!

    39 days ago
    I started writing a comment...
    wandered off and lost what I had written..

    So far during this pandemic.. the only project I have completed is..
    my total hip replacement surgery & recovery...
    and I still have the 1-year follow-up review with the surgeon left to do.
    But to the best of my knowledge I have completed that project and all is right with my world.

    now to attack my 2021 project.

    39 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    I have lots of shoulda and I need to get started. A lot of our libraries are not taking donations right now
    39 days ago
  • LORI-K
    I wish I could gaze upon all your many books, Gail! I love books too! And have favorites that I could never part with. In fact, I instructed my kids on which ones will be of great value to them in the future long after I am gone. Signed copies and such. How wonderful you are sharing some with the community via libraries and book sales.
    And how fun to catalog your trip brochures too. I find them to be super souvenirs because they have such great pics and they are free! I bet your kids would love to see where all you traveled.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I’m still setting my gym up upstairs and once I come to a satisfied state, I am going to start the monumental task of going through boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of pictures and postcards.

    39 days ago
    Both projects (going through books, and organizing brochures and information from travels) are great projects, Gail. I am a voracious reader also; I switched to reading most books either from the library, or purchasing them on my Kindle (which currently has over 1,000 e-books). Like you, most of my friends know that books are a welcome gift! So I received a total of at least 10 real (not virtual) books.

    Projects that I enjoy have included working out the chords to many songs, and improving my guitar skills. I have been purging my closets of clothes that are too big, out of style, or "professional" dressy suits. Plus many items I inherited from mom; she had a beautiful classic wardrobe of dressy clothing for church and lunches. No one here dresses like that for church or fine dining. I'll probably keep at least a couple of very nice pieces ... but unlikely to ever wear them.

    39 days ago
    I've been decluttering various cupboards and drawers but it's something I do every January and again in the Autumn, but I have been doing some research for the summer house furnishings and what plants to have out there.........once the weather improves we'll be back to that. emoticon
    40 days ago
    You are talking about a project my husband has been 'encouraging' (nagging) me to do. He feels I have too many books and should get rid of most of them. I try but usually I manage to get rid of only two or three. Often I end up sitting and reading. The thrift stores are closed right now so it feels like there is no rush to tackle this project.

    Another project I 'could' be tackling is photographs that have never been put in an album.
    40 days ago
    The "should's" far outnumber the "enjoy's" at our house. I've started going through 20 years worth of slides (which fortunately are all labelled) from my working days, sorting out the keepers to digitize.
    40 days ago
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