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Sunday, January 17, 2021

As you know I am anti diet so this made a lot of sense to me. We do however have to use the word diet because, by definition it is the sum of food consumed a creature, humans included. It really implies some sort of weight management program because we humans have made it so. That brings me to food preferences. I eat about everything known to man, including (eeeewww) liver and onions.

Diet is affected by so many variables, it's truly amusing. Culture, religion, weight management, local availability, the media (I can't tell you how often I see a commercial and want to eat that!!!!) aging and taste buds. Like cilantro, genetics cause some people to really hate cilantro, their taste buds "taste" dirt, while another person will truly love the stuff. As we age, the over 9,000 taste buds we are born with begin to decline. My dad craved sweets, you couldn't keep him out of the candy. Luckily for him he had eaten healthy and exercised most of his life, so he was a skinny guy. We don't even notice the decline....I don't think.

I was lying in bed in the early a.m. using my app to create my weekly menu. Pondering a good diet for the week. As I was writing my dinner for Wednesday I sighed thinking, "I hate cooking dinner". I have always, always, always felt a lull settle over me at 4-6 p.m. No motivation to do much more with my day. I do get a little more energy around 7-8 but I don't want to cook dinner at that hour. This lull was pretty annoying when my boys were little because sure enough they didn't have a lull and wanted to rock and roll. Not to mention, the cries from them and their dad "what's for dinner?" I would find myself throwing something together and believe me my kids ate way too many frozen pizzas, which we all still love. Really though, how many frozen pizzas can a person do in a week? I got to thinking, What if I switch my lunches and dinners around. I don't have any issue with cooking a big meal around 1 p.m., which is my usual time. This week I am going to try it and see if it makes more sense. At 71, I kind of feel like I get to do whatever makes me happy. LOL

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