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Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, January 17, 2021

emoticon I lost 2 pounds! With just watching what I eat! I can't exercise or do much with this stent in, it restricts what I can do by a lot. Very 'uncomfortable' to say the least. But I still managed to lose 2 pounds this week! I'm so ecstatic!! This means I am on track to meet my January goal! Yay!!

I have to say that even though I've at first had the kidney stone, and then had the stent, it has been a week full of good things! The good is always there, even if in small things, if you just look for them.

The older nurse I had take care of me before surgery at the surgery clinic was the sweetest lady. So helpful and full of smiles. I could see it in her eyes that she was smiling the whole time. I hope she could see in mine that I was smiling right back at her. She made the whole procedure, which was rather not fun, endurable and was so polite. It was like having someone's Grandma take care of me.

I was so relieved that they got the kidney stone out! Talk about a huge victory! PTL it is gone! Can't imagine having a stent and the stone! And I got an appointment Monday to get the stent out, they were saying it could be as late as Wednesday if they got booked up!

I discovered several very mild DIY masks that use coconut oil as a base, and you can use on your whole body! I can't do my whole body right now, have to be mindful of where I'm healing from surgery and such, but I'm using it on my face, neck and arms. I love how soft it leaves my skin feeling! And I discovered how great coconut oil is for your hair! Love how soft yet bouncy it has left my hair! Then I kept researching, what else am I going to do? LOL, and have found several DIY treatments that are mild that I want to try. I researched the ingredient thoroughly before deciding to use them!

And I found a dish set that I just fell in love with, so beautiful and colorful. Our current set we have had for at least a decade, since we discovered how little kids break dishes, lol. We got this almost indestructible all white set. Anyway, I sent the link to the set to DH and told him I was just in love with it.... so he got it for me!! It gets here at the end of the month! I'm so excited to get it! I told him, you know you are a grown up when you are excited to get new dishes, LOL!!

And, I tried a combination of the eye makeup for older women and to make small eyes look bigger. I don't really have small eyes, but since I started getting this twitching in my eyes, the eye lids have started drooping! That makes them look smaller. It has stopped in one eye, and is slowing down in the other, but my eye doctor said it will take awhile for my eyes to recover. I wonder if the droopiness is a permanent thing? I hope not! I got this wonderful eye gel/cream combination that is helping, but in the meanwhile, the makeup really looks great if I do say so myself! Plus I tried the under the eye gel mask... wow. Just wow. It took years off my face. The puffiness, the dark circles, gone! I could not find the exact kind that I got from Ipsy on Amazon, but I got some from the same brand. I used the eye makeup and the eye mask yesterday and actually got complimented on my eyes yesterday at the family get together!

Family get together was difficult, the 90 pound dog greeted me by jumping right on where my stent is. Ow. So I was in pain for most of it, but trying to seem like I wasn't because I didn't want my in-laws to feel bad that their dog had hurt me. Sweet dog, just needs to learn not to jump on people. But other than that, I had a great time! The drive was difficult because this stent makes me have to use the bathroom a lot and it is an hour drive. Not fun, but everything else was.

Overall, I'm really happy I had this time to slow down and really do some self care and pampering and do the research. I don't even remember how I got on the DIY research... probably some random Pinterest thing, LOL! I'm going to keep up the self care, just not quite so much of it. Or maybe just spread out over days instead of big long sessions. I'm totally hooked on the self care now. I really enjoy how it makes me feel, and I find that the more I do, the more I want to keep it up.

I'm looking into workouts too. You should have seen me looking longingly at the workout videos! I so want to be exercising! I don't know what the recovery time is after the stent is taken out, or if I can get right back to working out. I hope so! Looking forward to it!

Hope you have a great week and stay safe!



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