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My Goal for 2021

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

I've been reading a little bit about New Year's Resolutions. Particularly the fact that the vast majority of people give up on their resolutions by mid February. This could be because the resolutions are too large and not broken down into small actionable pieces. It can also be because they are based on the negative assessments we have made of ourselves. It's hard to put aside the negative and focus on the positive when you want to make some important changes but here I go....

I am a LUCKY woman. BLESSED and LUCKY. I live in an area with great access to nutritious food. Some of it straight from the farm and some of it already prepared for me. All I have to do is make the right choices. I also have the knowledge, or can obtain that knowledge right here at Sparkpeople, to know how to make those choices. Knowledge is power and in this instance, it is the power to make my life healthier. In 2021 I will make good choices. Not always, but most of the time.
WHY NOT ALWAYS? Because another reason resolutions fail is that people should learn to be failures. Fail at something but turn around and try again and again. My Wonderful Spirited UnderDawg team on the 5% Challenge seems to understand and embody this theory. Sometimes we keep spinning around chasing our tails but our leaders tell us to keep at it, participation is more important. Don't quit and suddenly we are walking in a straight line, all paws forward sometimes even Unleashed and Barking for joy.

I am a LUCKY woman. BLESSED and LUCKY. I like to exercise. I'll say that again...I LIKE TO EXERCISE. My whole life I have been clumsy, uncoordinated, poor vision with lousy depth perception and a complete and utter lack of any kind of competitive spirit. This has been Great for me because when I move it is all about Me! I exercise in my own way, at my pace and according to how it makes me feel. As I get older and arthritis takes control of my joints, these habits have become more important than ever before. I do what makes me feel good and am careful to avoid injury. I'm lucky to have exercise equipment in my basement, an electric bicycle (yes I still need to pedal it) to race around my neighborhood, many paths and parks to explore with my DH and my dog Linus. When the pandemic is over, I will return to a nearby college/community pool where I dawgie paddle and do my own thing with water dumbbells a few times a week. In 2021, I will continue with my exercise program trying to stay active for 2 hours 5 times a week. This may sound extreme but when you are stuck at home during a pandemic, you need to stay intentionally active. Especially when the cold weather drives you indoors.

I am a LUCKY woman. BLESSED and LUCKY. Because I've come to the realization that I want to lose a half pound each week. For me, this is a rational goal and I would be so pleased with this kind of progress that I would keep it up for a very long time. Even plateaus don't get me down because I know that the longer I maintain a certain weight, the more likely that weight will "stick". Backtracking gets me down but I have learned that the gains are not permanent if I pick myself up, evaluate what is going on and start again and again.

This Year, 2021, I would like to lose a total of 21 pounds. Not any more of less. That's it. If I lose it quickly, I'll take a break and maintain for a while so that my body adapts and I can work on putting muscle back onto my body.

Happy Belated New Year!

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