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Friday, January 15, 2021

The visuals of our inauguration preparations … makes me sooo sad.

I know we should take every precaution. I know. I know. I know.

It hurts my heart to know that we must do sooooooo much.

More exerts from Steve #94:

Fat people refuse to suffer.
Fit people know why they must suffer.

When you go into a fight expecting a picnic, you fold up your basket and blanket at the first sign of ants. When you go into a fight fully prepared to suffer, you’re not surprised when it gets tough.

If it were so easy to get fit everyone would be fit.

Fit people look for the positive but prepare for the negative.

You can be as positive or negative as you want, but sticking to your diet and exercise program is the only thing that will make you thin and healthy.

Upgrade your habits and the results will follow. All of your results come directly from your dominant habit patterns.

Critical Thinking Question: As an intelligent and educated person, do you honestly believe you’re going to go from fat to fit without suffering???

Action Step: Mentally prepare yourself to experience a light to moderate level of physical, psychological, and emotional suffering. The pain isn’t extreme and won’t last long, but it’s serious enough to make most people quit. That’s why you need to prepare yourself before it begins. Remember that any time you make a major habit change you will pay a price. Prepare now so you won’t be surprised when the going gets tough.

Well, darn. I guess we aren’t getting by easy on this endeavor.

Just like the preparations for our new president’s swearing in … we MUST prepare ourselves for our endeavor to get healthy. For me, it’s not just a matter of eating less … it’s an almost total over haul of how I deal with … stress. Ok … and boredom. Ok, Ok … life disasters, hurt feelings, feeling of no control. Whew.

Suffering … well, for me, my life has been full of suffering. That’s one of the reasons food became … my support … my release.

So now to suffer for a good reason … a planned reason. A reason that gets me where I am the best ME.

In the big picture ... changing my behaviors is less painful than draggin' my unhealthy body through the day.

Hmmm !!!

Just do it … already. No matter what.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    “Upgrade your habits and the results will follow. All of your results come directly from your dominant habit Patterns.”

    I agree.

    Could be rephrased as Simple and strong but not always easy rather than suffering through it...

    I like the idea of healthy habit development. Some days I wish I didn’t have to get up or stop what I’m doing to bathe or brush my teeth but I do them anyway! Dominant habits! Simple.

    91 days ago
    The pain isn’t extreme and won’t last long.
    Yep, things fade over time unless we keep coloring them over and over and over.
    We need a total over haul of how we deal with...everything.
    92 days ago
    Ya know, I really am not sure that suffering is what it takes. I think another way of looking at it is: we've got to take care of ourselves with trusting attentiveness, making sure we give to ourselves the optimum nutrition and movement that makes us feel best.

    Not suffering . . . the very best in emotional eating (eating with the emotion of loving kindness towards ourselves).

    The REAL suffering is eating to stuff down the negative feelings, carrying around ALLLLL the extra weight, feeling bloated all the time, not having the optimum nutrition for healthy skin and hair and . . . all of that.
    93 days ago
    "The visuals of our inauguration preparations … makes me sooo sad"
    Me too! I know one of the young national guardsmen sleeping on the floor of the capitol building tonight
    It shouldn't be this way. It has never been this way before.
    What a difference 4 years has made.

    93 days ago
    Every day your blogs give me something to ponder on, which is great. emoticon
    93 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Some true & wise words..there can be no results without effort..ya got this!!
    93 days ago
    So well said!
    93 days ago
    Taking on a program to get fit can be overwhelming. What I did. I started small at first. What I had to do is build up success and allow my body and my brain to feel what success felt like. I started with 10 minutes of exercise. My choice was walking. I did 10 minutes every other day. Then the next week we did 15 minutes. It did not happen overnight. You can do it. I weighted once and then did not weigh for a month. I journaled. I was grateful for my program. I exercise, track food, journal, meditate. You can do this. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    93 days ago
    But I don’t wannnnna suffer.... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    93 days ago
    Like always love your blog. Every day I ask myself. Are you thinking like a fit person.
    93 days ago
    The preparations seem more like war preparations then inauguration preparations, sad to say. **SIGH** Definitely hurts.

    Nah, not easy to be and stay fit. BUT easier than being unhealthy!

    93 days ago
    "You can be as positive or negative as you want, but sticking to your diet and exercise program is the only thing that will make you thin and healthy."

    Ooh, that sentence hit home. It's not that I haven't KNOWN this for like... many years. But it is something that requires laser focus for me right now. It is day 7 of Week 1 of the Winter 5% challenge. It is taking some mental toughness, and brushing up the needed discipline is in progress. Focus on BEHAVIOR, not on results... that's my mental note to myself. Because I know that if I keep with the behavior, the results will follow. I cannot will the results, but I can be disciplined about the behavior!

    Just for today. emoticon emoticon
    93 days ago
  • V72392

    93 days ago
  • TEEMAC1260
    Good advice!
    93 days ago
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