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Goodbye Kidney Stone, Hello Days of Recuperation

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Morning! emoticon If you are new to my blog, I've been struggling with a kidney stone for about 5 weeks now. Yesterday I had surgery to have it removed. Turns out, I could not have passed it on my own, as it was well and truly stuck! It was oblong, and really wedged in there - a big one too! They had to use a laser to break it up to get it out. All that is left is the stint they put in to help that part where the kidney stone was stuck for so long recover. If you've never had this kind of stint, it is very.... uncomfortable to put it very, very mildly. But it comes out on Monday, so I at least have a deadline to look forward to on how long I have to tolerate it. And, staying positive, at least the kidney stone is gone!

And staying on that positive line, I may not be able to work out or do much, but I can do a lot of self care during this time! I started out this morning, bored and... uncomfortable. So I looked up on Pinterest how to do eye makeup for women over 40, I've been needing to update my look, I've been doing makeup the same way for so long! Then I pampered my face a bit and tried out the new way of doing eye makeup. Nifty! I think I like it. I had the stuff on hand (thank you Ipsy, though I don't have a sub any more, I found a brands that I like through them... and I don't wear much makeup so it was pointless to get so much!) so why not give it a try?

I plan on doing a lot of self care, pampering and such. I can't take baths, so bubble and scented baths are out, but face masks and stuff are a definite! And I have a foot bath that my DD has said she will help me with when she is home, as long as she can clean it and use it too (lol) so foot baths to get my footsies in good repair. I've been looking on Pinterest a lot on the different DIY's on things to get rid of calluses and soften feet. I also ran across the many uses of coconut oil. Wow! I think a coconut oil hair mask is in order! LOL. This should be a fun couple of days seeing what I can come up with. And keeping myself preoccupied from the uncomfortableness.

I can't wait till I can go down to the basement (stairs are difficult) and weigh myself (that is where we keep the scale)! According to the scale at the surgery clinic, I weighed 196.. that is a pound down from where I was! And without trying! Getting closer to my first goal! I'll be working on nutrition, since I can't work out. I'll be having a shake a day, one or two. I find that when I'm this uncomfortable, I have a hard time eating solid food (or eating at all) so I'm keeping a food diary, and will be having shakes if I find I'm not hungry at all or just can't eat ( I'll go a whole day without eating and not realize it). So food diary to make sure I'm eating at least enough.

I have lots more ideas on things to do, and I've got a board set up on Pinterest on DIY's and such for things I find so I can keep up with them all. Plus I think I'll have some fun with trying out new eye makeups along the way. This, at least, may help keep me distracted. I have books and audio books to concentrate on. I'm currently reading a few fictions, The Obstacle is the Way, and The Lazy Genius. I just found The Lazy Genius, and really like it so far. Highly recommend. I'm a few days behind on my Bible reading as well, and will take this time to catch up. I'm doing a read the Bible in a year, they have both audio and text for you, so you can listen/ and or read, I find that reading along helps me absorb more, but it is also really handy to just listen while I paint my nails or something that won't take my attention away from what is being said.

Hope you are having a fabulous week and remember to do some self care! Even just a little bit will help you feel so much better!

Take care and stay safe!


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