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Starry Nights make great walks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I am not going to lie. I do not like the short days of winter. You go to work and when you get home it is dark. I have the luxury of working at home. So as my first day care children get to my house in the morning the sun is just rising at 7 and when the last ones leave at 5 it is dark. There is hope, every day we have more light by 2 minutes. :)
I have a very long driveway. Long enough that a 45 minutes walk is 7 times up and down my driveway. I have lived here for 30 years but this year is the first year that I have started walking in the dark. Like everything else I had too prepare for this. I went online and bought a really good flashlight that makes it so I can see well and scare off predators. Lets face it they are more afraid of me than I am of them. I walk with my dog Balou who is lab/Newfoundland mix. He is so good at protecting me.
Walking in the dark provides me with time to look at the stars. For some reason the colder the night, the brighter the star and moon is. This past month, on the night of the full moon, I almost did not need a flashlight because the moonlight was so bright. Fresh air is so good for the soul. I always feel so invigorated.
Another bonus of walking in the dark is that I get honey, my new walking buddy, tired so she is not so crazy at night. Balou is teaching his little sister Honey how to be a good walker.
It would be easy to make an excuse why I can not get a walk in. I can't go for a walk it is raining. I can not go or a walk it is icy or cold. I cant go for a walk because it is dark. I am skilled at making excuses. So lets look at those excuses. I own a raincoat and boots, rain can not stop me. I have snowpants, mittens, boots, warm socks, scarfs hats and multiple coats; i would not be cold. I went for a walk this weekend and it was icy so I just ordered ice cleats. I have a flashlight... For every excuse there is a solution.
I want a change. I am done being a yo yo dieter. I want a new healthy me.
I have a flashlight, I can walk in the dark and along the way I can enjoy the beautiful starlit sky. Look at a full moon or as it was last night, a crescent moon.

It be amazing to enter spring without a winter gain from lack of movement and indulgence from eating all that comfort food all winter long. Hiding under all those baggy sweatshirts and sweaters. This is the year for a change. The most evident change is in my attitude.
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