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Coal survived his search --and I lost another pound!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

That would be the best eh?--
----but---would I rather have that--or be healthy?---
Well, I'll never be rich--- so--- I'm trying to shed some excess fat --- AND----- this AM the scales say that I have lost a pound--
3 pounds since Jan. 1 ---

This was Coal-- the famous Shepherd who tried to find me when our daughter had her baby in Hawaii and off we went, thinking we could help her--
Why did we ever think that?--
Daughters don't want their Mom and Dad there-- well, in the Delivery room--

This was me , holding the baby who was 2 weeks late arriving--
And yes, Coal was found--by son#1 , who owned a hotel at that time, and he had his cook and all his staff out searching for Coal--
He was found about 24 hrs later, in a Marsh---after swimming across the lake, and was spotted by people who thought he was a bear-
Of course I was devastated--wanted to get home as fast I could---

My SIL , who had never had a dog in his life, when he saw me trying to make connections to get home, said, "Yu like yer dog better than yer daughter!"--
and----- only those who have owned a dog will understand this--
At that point, yes, I did love my dog, a lot!

We could not get immediate tickets back to Canada--Son #2 the Air Canada Pilot, told us to go, "Stand By" -----from Honolulu --to Vancouver--then Toronto--then Sudbury- 4 flights--
WE did! --- and---- when one goes STAND BY, yu only get on board, if there are open seats-
We made it--ALL the way home--no tickets--- just praying we would get on--

I remember sitting in the very last seat of the plane, on the tarmac, looking out the window, saying good bye to Hawaii--knowing that we would never venture there again--
Arriving in Sudbury, I wanted to kiss the ground -----

Of course Coal had been taken care of by son #1---- took him to his house till we got home!

So, life does have so many memories---good and bad--Funny how bad memories at the time, become very funny memories in later yrs--
Raising a large family , life had challenges---
To get me thru these challenges , with a Doctor husband who seemed to be always in the Emergency part of the Hospital, day and night, I began to write a newspaper column about the crazy funny things that seemed to happen daily in our house.
I believe that when life tries to get one down, sharing the experiences--laughing --hearing that others are going thru the same, keeps us all sane--

I must walk Tess now--- I just figured out that she is 10 yrs old--
I guess that's why she has "attitude"---
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