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What You Focus On Matters

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I, like many people, have been glued to the news after the events on January 6. My emotions are all over the place with it. I work in Washington, and I'm disgusted by what I see, and every day, it looks even worse. I think I'm in shock to an extent, much like in the aftermath of 9/11. I can't even believe what I'm seeing.

Then there's the justice porn circulating online right now. These terrorists getting arrested or kicked off airplanes. There's one in particular I could watch all day. This guy is crying in National Airport about how he's now on the no-fly list: "They called me a (effing) terrorist!" Well, yeah, dude. Duh.

Anyway, what I'm watching isn't really the point. Like, I'm also kind of on a cleaning kick right now, and I'm spending a good deal of time on that, too. The point is that I am not focusing on what I should be focusing on, which is my health and my weight loss. And if I have to choose between reducing the time I spend on the cleaning or the riveting stuff on TV, I'm obviously going to choose the TV, but that's not useful! I need to start focusing on my health. So I'm going to go back to consuming information that puts me toward my goals, like blogs here on SP.

I am running into an obstacle when it comes to fitness. I started to write about that, but it turned into a giant tome, so I'm going to save it for another blog.
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