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I gained but I really am ok with it. I have a plan

Monday, January 11, 2021

We all have times that we face challenges in our lives. How do we face those challenges? Sometimes we can use the tools that we have learned tools that have helped us lose weight. Or... we disregard them and say f*ck it and just eat. Truly it is a balancing act.
So I was doing the hard 75 challenge. I was on day 23 and going through the motions but not 100% amped with it like I was the first time. That is ok. Well I fell asleep and did not get my second work out in and I felt somewhat relieved. I had an inspection on Wednesday at my in home day care from the State and I figured that the less on my plate the better. I hoped to work out once a day the rest of the week but I did not. I planned on eating ok. But I ate whatever I wanted. Pizza, chocolate, icecream..2 drinks, cookies and italian candy.
So after 4 days of throwing caution to the wind. I reeled myself in. I asked myself where I wanted to go? What I wanted for myself. So I decided at 5 pm to eat better. Ordered a healthy dinner. I decided that I want to challenge myself but not quite hard 75 challenge level so I joined the local nutrishops new year challenge. I walked saturday in my favorite woods with my dog. I walked around my property for 45 minutes with my dog yesterday. I got my body moving outside. I also did yoga to help my body stretch and to release stress.
These are tools I have learned to love to love myself.(I consider them treats or rewards)
I did eat turtles that a friend had given my husband and I and thanked the friend that did not give them to me to stall my weight loss but it was a gift of love. And then I put them in the freezer and I will put them in my husbands lunch the rest of the week. Turtles are the perfect candy never mind homemade ones.
Moment of truth. I stepped on the scale this morning and I went up 2 lbs. I earned those 2 lbs. Pizza, turtles, couple of alcoholic beverages, cookies and candy. coupled with walks and changing my food choices to healthier choices over the weekend. I am not Happy about it. It could have been worse. If I had not reeled myself in on Friday night it could have been more than 2 lbs.
So now what? Here is my plan:

1.Eat Keto, I love Keto. I will jump right back on Keto wagon today. I actually did this weekend minus those turtles. lol.
2. Walk everyday. It is good for the puppy and good for my soul. It re centers me.
3. Yoga stretches. love doing YouTube videos. Cassandra and Travis Elliot are 2 of my favorites.
4. Spark.
5. drink 10 glasses of water a day.

My Birthday is in march and I will be in Onederland for my Birthday. I am putting it out in the Universe. Now it is time to make it happen.
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