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Change the Plan, Not the Goal

Friday, January 08, 2021

"When plan A fails, remember that there are 25 other letters of the alphabet." ~I forget who, LOL.

So, getting up early and working out didn't work. I have not worked out in 3 days. I forgot again how tired pain makes me, and I still have this kidney stone. I'm hoping it will pass, but if it does not, surgery is just next week. I will adjust my plans to work out as I'm able, to not get up so early yet, and to give myself grace during this time. I did get up at 0400 this morning, but that was because I, somehow, rolled over on my back in the middle of the night. So my body woke me up saying, "I hurt and and can't lay down like this a minute longer!" So I'm really tired, but I'm awake, and achy. I've stretched to try to work the kinks out.

Another thing that didn't work is lowering my calorie intake and trying to really watch what I eat. I started getting dizzy from eating too little along with the not enough sleep, making me nauseated. I ended up feeling sick for about two days till I put it all together. So, I'm watching what I eat, but not counting calories, because apparently I get too strict about it, lol. I'm keeping a simple food diary, and I meal prepped last night, so I have my lunches all made, and am prepping dinner today. All pre-measured to make sure I don't eat too much, but there is more than enough for me. I ended up not eating it all last night. I'm also cutting down on bread and cutting out most white bread and switching to multi-grain (except for when I make homemade and then only a small piece). And I'm cutting out pasta altogether. I'll eat zoodles instead. We'll see how this goes next week as I'm making a big batch of spaghetti for the family, my weakness and comfort food.

I'm cutting way down on sweets and junk. My plan is if it is not fuel, I'm not going to eat it. The exception is foods I bake. And there is not much eating of sweets going on right now as I'm working on making that most tempermental of French cookies, the macaron. Not to be confused with the macaroon. Very difficult to get right. But they are small cookies, so I would not be eating much, even if I had two, when I finally get them right. LOL. I'm having fun along the way and learning a lot.

I already met my goal of losing 2 pounds this week. I started out the New Year at 199, and am down to 197. Yay! I somehow got a hole in the back pocket of my stretch/wide jeans, so when I was going through my closet this week (decluttering and organizing) I pulled out my 'too small for me' clothes and went through them, found a pair of regular, no-stretch pants in my current size, and tried them on... they are a bit snug, but they fit! I'm not going to pop any buttons or seams or anything (they are not THAT snug, LOL!) and so I'm wearing those most of the time now (when I'm not wearing insulated yoga pants!). I'm excited to try to reach my goal of 2 pounds per week and my monthly goal of 8 pounds, reaching 191 by the end of the month! Slowly chipping away at this weight! According to SP I could, lose the weight by August, but I'm giving myself the whole year, because plateaus happen! Plus, I'm building muscle as I go, and we all know that weighs more than fat! So I'm probably going to cut that goal down by a pound next month, and see what happens. If I manage to lose 8, wonderful, if I only lose 6 or 7, still wonderful, as long as I'm still getting stronger while losing!

Well, finally time to wake the kids, I've been cleaning and decluttering in-between writing paragraphs on here, so it has been a few hours, LOL! Winter storm is blowing through, so online school today, though it is just rainy here, it just barely did not get cold enough to snow. But it is going to get cold enough for everything to ice over tonight. Joy. At least I got all my errands ran already so I don't have to go anywhere!

Hope you all stay healthy and safe!


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