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Dreaming of Peace and Unity

Thursday, January 07, 2021

My hope for my country is that out of the literal and figurative ashes and/or destruction left by the unpatriotic and destructive mobs yesterday on the Capitol and left by those BLM protesters who chose to destroy businesses of innocent people and other property, we will come together across party lines and rise. We are on the brink right now of either a new beginning or a tragic ending in my opinion and I have hope it is the former.

Tenets of psychology and communication come into play. It's normal to be angry, but we must always be constructive with out anger. We can respond without being reactive and impulsive. We can discuss differences without exploding. We can protest on either side of the aisle or both- PEACEFULLY. No matter what side of the aisle you are on and whether I disagree with you or agree, I will respect immensely in most cases if you chose peaceful means to express your views. Destroying property and harming other is reprehensible.

This has been me on and off throughout the pandemic and last night watching protestors parade through the Capitol proclaiming themselves patriots as they trampled literally and figuratively and democracy. This is also me watching what started as peaceful BLM protests turn destructive and violent in places.

From now forward I hope we rise from the ashes together. I hope the example is set from Congress showing us the way to work together, discuss and debate respectfully. No more rhetoric. No more divisiveness.Our enemies are loving watching this unfold. I hope we heal. I hope we can all work together. I am just a random person posting my ramblings, but I am so ready for change. United we stand or divided we fall as the saying goes. Dreaming of peace and unity! Maybe the saying that it is darkest before the dawn is right. May this be the dawn of a better nation where we can work together for the common good.


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    I'm finding this blog a month after you wrote it. Better late than never--I totally agree with you, and wish everyone felt the same way. We need to dispel the hatred. January 6th was a horrible day, and the aftermath was almost unbearable, but now that we are a month out, I do feel pretty hopeful and good about the job Biden is doing, despite the lingering pockets of craziness (understatement, I know). I sure hope our new president can somehow manage to get us all back on track. America needs to lead the way, and we can't do it when there's so much division among us. Thank you for writing this. I'm with you!
    74 days ago
    There are some people who are going to post some "opinions" about this blog, for sure, but the out-right lawlessness of anyone is inexcusable!!! You can protest without breaking the law & no matter what anyone says or doesn't say, people should know the difference between right & wrong.

    I firmly believe that main-stream media has been lying to the American people for a very long time about what is really going on, too.

    I just keep praying for peace. It's ok to agree to disagree without attacking someone else's feelings or opinions. Agreeing to disagree -- That's still a "thing" and it shows maturity.
    95 days ago

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    96 days ago
  • SPICY23
    Only time will tell.

    I despair when I hear the rabid shouting of extreme 'patriots' rallying and participating in the mob action urged by the outgoing president. How do we move forward and heal when we can't even agree on basic facts? What would we, as a nation, think or do if we were to compare these individuals to 'radicalized' terrorists from the Mideast? We don't go there because these assailants on our democracy are mostly male and white. Yet they demonstrate just as much hate and violence as other enemies of the state; so why don't we prosecute them for their crimes? Many were allowed to simply walk away. How could they possibly change if they don't face the consequences of their actions?

    I am very sad about this. I agree with your hope for peace and healing.

    Peace and Care
    102 days ago
    Yes! NO matter what side of the aisle we sit on, we STILL have the responsibility to be peaceful and respectful.

    It is so much worse when insurrection is precipitated by a sitting President and his lawyer. OMG. Any shred of morals and values . . . . out the window. Trampled. Violated.

    I am praying for peace and equality in this country.

    102 days ago
    I’m with Brooklyn_born too!
    103 days ago
    103 days ago
    i am on brooklyn born side on this Hugs
    103 days ago
    Personally, I believe you said it perfectly. I am horrified by what I saw taking place yesterday and even more horrified the more I learned about it. For me in the beginning it was just another protest taking place while I wanted to watch General Hospital - so I took Daisy for a walk. Then my oldest daughter called and asked if I had ever seen anything like this in my 71 years on this earth. I had not - not in America. We have had our differences over the last several months - she has very strong opinions. I just want everyone to get along (that's the 60's coming out of me, make love not war!). She was thrilled that we were in agreement - I said I loved her whatever her opinion was.

    I taped Stephen Colbert last night - I rarely watch that show. He was going to be speaking to Amy Klobuchar, one of our Minnesota senators. I liked what she had to say. I do hope the people we've elected to make the most important decisions for our country can put their differences aside and come together - for us, the people who elected them. When my children's father and I divorced we were about as far apart as possible. Yet, when it came to the children we both loved we made decisions based on what was best for them, not either of us.

    Thank you for saying so well what I have been feeling. I am still shaking my head and saying "Well, now I've seen everything"
    103 days ago
  • V72392
    U hope you called for same peace 4 years ago
    103 days ago
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