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Planning and goal setting... can I follow thru?

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

I have learned over the months/years as I have participated in SP 5% Challenges that planning, journaling and goal setting can be a big help when I try to change to healthier habits. I have also observed that I can have good intentions and have little follow-through...even with something as simple as writing down a couple of objectives for the day (let alone a goal for week, month or semester).

To make a step toward the goal of being a better planner, I am going to do two things right now (9:15 am, Wednesday January 06):
1. I am going to find an SP article on planning;
2. Then I am going to process what I read with an addendum to this blog post.

I will return in a few minutes. emoticon

I have found myself of the SparkPeople resource page for Goal-Setting:

There are several articles at the top including articles on resolutions, habits of highly effective dieters...and then I scroll down and there are at least 70 links to more articles (categorized into three sections: "Goal Setting Strategies; Small Steps; and plans for success".

Hmmm...I am going to peek at the small steps category. I have read, and then confirmed for myself, that I can create a success spiral. I can set a small task for myself, complete that small task and feel successful and then feel motivated to try something else.

So, I am going to find a specific article to read (and get my 5 spark points for it ) and then come back and process the info in another addendum to this blog post.

I will return in another few minutes. emoticon

I have scanned a 2018 article about "reverse engineering" goals:

and I want to capture the link to a 2006 self contract article:

Aha, the first step to writing a contract with myself (and I may start with a contract to do daily planning) is to identify my favorite excuses. Before reading on, I can imagine one of my is not having enough time and I can already imagine that a counter argument is that daily planning may have ways of saving time by helping a person prioritize. I procrastinate some mornings and want to stay in a comfortable place i.e. couch or in front of TV.

Dean Anderson, Behavioral Psychology Expert, 1/3/2006, says in step one "The first step to becoming more accountable is to spend a few days observing your inner self [...] Write some notes about your thoughts. What are you saying to yourself in that moment when you decide to skip [...] ?

neat. I found a second article by same author and I think he is going to give some specific on writing a contract with one's self.

Here is a small excerpt from Anderson's second article: "Remember that what counts as success here is not whether you actually stuck to your eating or exercise plans [...] it’s whether or not you used your Contract for Success to try to solve or avoid problems before they happened. Your Contract for Success is all about getting yourself to be more proactive [...]."

emoticon All-righty. To wrap up this blog post which is rambling as I process...I am going to draft a contract with myself on daily planning and set up two jars as +/- consequences for abiding by my own contract.

I am going to make this contract simple and try to set myself up for easy success each day.

Here we go....
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