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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Finally … my headache is just a dull ache now. Whew.

Some of you wonder what the heck is going on. Well, evidently you have never over dosed on all things sugary and crappy for a month and then snatched them back out of your diet. Remember, diet is what you consume. I don’t eat A cookie … I eat A package of cookies. I don’t eat A handful of peanut M&Ms … I eat THE whole 2-pound bag in a couple of days. My bad.

‘nough said.

And dear beloved Chester is in doggie heaven. My story was to share how words … our self-language … is very important.

Another tidbit about Chester … remember he was 100-pound yellow lab. When Hubby suffered his traumatic brain injury in 2007 … we spent 2+ months putting Hubby back together. Rambunctious Chester would tip-toe into the room to lay beside Hubby’s side of the bed to “watch” over him. At the age of 12, Chester died the same day Hubby had to medically retire in 2011. It was like Chester knew his “job” was done when Hubby’s career ended. I still miss Chester.

More exerts from Steve #88:

Fat people believe fitness is complicated.
Fit people believe fitness is simple.

Fit people focus on their part of the equation: sticking to the plan.

There is no perfect diet.

If you’re going to get thin and healthy, you are going to pay a price. But you’re paying a price right now for being fat, aren’t you? The fact is, a price will be paid one way or another, so why not choose the one that offers the most benefits?

Remember, that getting fit is a simple decision followed by simple discipline. Nothing more, nothing less. You can do it!!!

Critical Thinking Question: Are you making fitness more complicated than it needs to be???

Action Step: Break your exercise down into simple, manageable parts. Keep your workouts short and focused. Don’t waste time talking and socializing. Get to the gym and get it done.

Well … fitness / exercise is confusing. Slow and steady. Interval training. High intensity is the way to go. Just move. Don’t strenuously workout while losing. Are you working hard enough? If you have hypothyroidism do XYZ ONLY. You don’t have to exercise at all to lose weight.

What’s a fluffy girl to do???

So … advise, suggestions, Sparker experts … let me hear from YOU.

In the mean time … I’ll be walking 5x a week on my treadmill … I’m allergic to the outdoor cold, snowy air that we have here in the Rockies.

Just do it … already.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lovely dog . . of course you miss Chester. We never forget our wonder dogs. Ever.

    In my experience, 80% of weight loss/maintenance is the nutrition part.

    Exercise feels good for cardio, balance, flexibility, strength. And mental equilibrium. But it IS simple . .. really. Walking is fine, outdoors or on a treadmill/elliptical. Maybe some body weight exercises and some stretching/stability yoga type stuff . . . that's all I'm doing now that I've stopped going to the gym. It's enough.

    But the food thing is what makes the weight loss happen . . a pretty large volume of nutrition dense and low cal foods, basically.

    106 days ago
    Ah, the GYM.
    I've been exercising in a gym most of my adult life and yes, I'm still fat.
    I enter, say hello to the person at the desk and that's it. Smile and wave to anyone who smiles at me. No chatting. Fortunately everyone at my gym at my age is serious about working out..
    15-20 minutes on the bike.
    There are about 30 different exercises on various equipment I can do. I chose maybe 10 and vary each day.
    2-3 sets of 10 reps. That's it. I don't try to "beat my last weight". I work slow. Nothing is worse for muscles than the speedy workout. Stretching for 5 minutes when done.
    I'm lucky that part of my membership is 6 training sessions free during the year. The trainers also roam the gym when not busy and can give pointers. Maybe I'm lucky that they all seem to be really good at what they do.

    106 days ago
    "If you’re going to get thin and healthy, you are going to pay a price. But you’re paying a price right now for being fat, aren’t you? The fact is, a price will be paid one way or another, so why not choose the one that offers the most benefits?"

    I just love that; it's so true.

    Glad your headache is on the way out. Bless Chester, he looks like he was a real sweetheart.

    Exercise: all I know is that if you're going to carry on doing it it'd better be something you enjoy doing. I've been told to look at some Joe Wicks videos on Youtube. Apparently he has for everyone, from kids, to seniors, to those who need to from a chair (me). Worth a look?
    106 days ago
    Five treadmill walks per week sounds good. Exercise may be simple, but finding the best may take time.
    It should be relatively ease and pleasant, so that you can keep it up for long.
    No need to push hard, you will be stronger every week, what is hard now, may be easy a month later!
    Susan Peirce Thompson, author of Bright Line Eating) says we should not do strenuous exercise in the weight loss phase, because we need all our willpower to eat well. She says once we get near goal weight, and brain is able to notice leptin again, we will feel desire to be active. I didn't know this when I lost the weight, but I can confirm this is exactly what happened to me : )
    106 days ago
    We had a yellow lab that we still miss. Her name was Lucky. emoticon
    106 days ago
    Prayers and hugs!
    106 days ago
    emoticon for getting past the worst of the withdrawal! Little tear for Chester... we always miss them when they go, don't we? They teach us so much, and give us so much!

    emoticon emoticon
    106 days ago
    Exercise, like diet, can be complicated...there are so many right (and wrong!) ways to do it.
    I have had personal trainers maybe three times in my life and they were all sooo different and even conflicted each other a bit.
    I bet the same is true for dietitians or nutritional experts.
    Of course we can seek advice but in the end we have to find what works for our bodies...and
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    106 days ago
    Yes! For sure we pay a price if we eat healthy . . . or not. I'd rather pay the price required to eat healthy and feel good. I don't like spending my hard earned dollars on pills and Drs.

    106 days ago
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