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January 3 2021 - small progress taking place in house projects. Feeling hopeful

Sunday, January 03, 2021

I've moved to the second wall in the room. The new paint is slightly different than the 2002 paint. So I have to paint the entire room not just spot paint wall repairs. I become very off balance standing on step stool to reach upper wall. And I have difficulty doing base molding as I can barely get up because my knees and legs are so weak. Physical therapy is addressing both issues. I have to be patient. Baby steps.

I took the water challenge and disinfected my Brita water container. boiling water and 1 tsp bleach and soaked a few hours, then well washed and rinsed before putting in a new filter. It feels good addressing these important chores.

A long day ahead. Much to do. I'm expecting a delivery of a used dryer. My broke a year ago and been hanging out wash or drying it all around the house. Wash hung out last night to give me a head start on Sunday's chores.

And I checked air filters on room purifiers. Gosh they were filthy. So I ordered new filter ($29) from a site on Internet. This 91 year old home has mold issues in basement so a dehumidifier runs all year. I clean with white vinegar. It kills mold spores.

Little by little, I find the more I do, the more I do.

Praying for strength. My neurologist suggested Alpha lipoic acid and strictly recommended 600 mg only per day. He is brilliant. An eye surgeon wouldnt even think to suggest it. My dry eye disease causes blurriness, This supplement does help according to research.

With breakfast prepped the night before, I awoke knowing what my meal was going to be. It was delicious. A high protein meal. I feel satiated. Hopeful......for a good day with energy and ability to better focus on my chores. I need a daily list. And a pen to check off daily tasks. I used to do it when I was in my 30's. It works.

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