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Highlights of what has happened since 2015, the last time I was really part of the Spark Community!

Monday, December 28, 2020

This was supposed to be quick but ya know how that goes….5 years is a lot to catch up on!

This is mostly for me, so feel free to skim.

2015 I found four amazing yoga teachers who I really vibed with. All four had different things to offer me. All four came from different traditions. I began taking classes regularly, meditating, studying and discovering things about myself that were previously unknown, or just undiscovered, or just plain old repressed. Oh, as an aside, in 2016, Reiki found me and I became a Reiki practitioner just for myself and family. So here I am, out of the hippy drippy closet!!

After two years of study with my amazing yoga teachers, in 2017 one of them offered a yoga teacher training, which I took, mostly to just hang out with her and get to know more about yoga.

I graduated yoga teacher training in June of 2018.

In October of 2018, I was asked to sub a class for one of my teachers. I accepted and it was a disaster in my head, but I got good feedback from he class and decided that I would continue to accept substitute gigs.

From October of 2018 -October of 2019 was possibly the happiest I had ever been. I was subbing upwards of 5 days a week for various teachers and studios and taking upwards of three or four classes for myself. I was more aware of my body, my breath, my mind and my spirit than I had ever been. I was offered permanent positions to teach, but I really loved substituting because it offered me a lot of flexibility to keep taking classes so I just stuck with that.

October of 2019, at the tail end of a Yoga Nidra training class, just after a lovely calming Yoga Nidra practice, my 20 year old middle daughter called to tell me she was pregnant by a boyfriend that she had been contemplating breaking up with. Side note: My middle daughter is a border line personality with severe ADHD. If you know anything about borderline personalities, you know we were all in for rough ride of ups and downs and a lot of drama.

My precious granddaughter was born in July of 2019. Middle daughter was finishing college in Miami, FL so I pretty much moved in with her on and off as much as I could be away from home. It was wondrous at times and most maddening a times. Weight began to creep up.

I pretty much lost my life at that point, or at least thought I did. I could not teach because I was flying back and forth to Florida for weeks at a time. I stopped doing yoga regularly. I was nervous about the future and unable to access all the teaching that I had previously been able to confer on my students. Looking back, it was a big pity party and just an excuse to do terrible things to my body and mind with food and lack of exercise.

February of 2020, middle daughter and granddaughter came to live with us in Ohio for two reasons: first, she had had a final falling out with her boyfriend and family so she lost her local support there for raising baby, and secondly, my husband and I saw what was going on in Italy with COVID-19 and we knew what was coming. Much panic buying and eating ensued on my part not knowing what was going to happen when the pandemic reached our shores.

From February until now it all seems like a dream. Middle daughter flew back and forth to Florida to finish her degree until it all moved online in April. Even when she was home, she was MIA most of the time. I became a full time caretaker of a 6 month old, now 17 month old grandchild. I started eating at night after I put the baby to bed. I stopped doing yoga. I gained 35 pounds.

And here I am, ready for a “re-do”, ready to put in the work to do what seems impossible. Lose weight and get back to ME at the age of 53.

Baby is now up, so I need to run.

Have a great day Spark Friends…..XOXO

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