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jokes and Christmas music

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

How important is music to you during the holiday season? It very important to me. I like play panadora Christmas traditional music station all the time. ,I like the old standard such as Frosty the snowman.
Do you like to sing Christmas carols in public or private?I sing only in private since I have a speech defect,
What are your favorites? I love Silent night and Rudolph the red nose reindeer,
We purchased an old home in Northern New York State from two elderly sisters. Winter was fast approaching and I was concerned about the house's lack of insulation. "If they could live here all those years, so can we!" my husband confidently declared.
One November night the temperature plunged to below zero, and we woke up to find interior walls covered with frost. My husband called the sisters to ask how they had kept the house warm. After a rather brief conversation, he hung up.
"For the past 30 years," he muttered, "they've gone to Florida for the winter."

All I Need to Know about Life I Learned From a Snowman
It's okay if you're a little bottom heavy.

Hold your ground, even when the heat is on.

Wearing white is always appropriate.

Winter is the best of the four seasons.

It takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection.

There's nothing better than a foul weather friend.

The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul.

It's not the size of the carrot, but the placement that counts.

We're all made up of mostly water.

You know you've made it when they write a song about you.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Avoid yellow snow. Don't get too much sun.

It's fun to hang out in your front yard.

Always put your best foot forward.

There's no stopping you once you're on a roll

Give me the strength
and time to stay away
from all the goodies in the fridge
that keep me looking that way!
The chocolates and the frostings
that all taste so sweet
that extra bag of candy
left from Trick or Treat!
My mouth is a watering
and trying to give in
but my thighs are staring up at me
WARNING: It's a Sin!
My tummy sure is growling
and turning to and fro
but my sag there just laughs
it don't need to grow!
After all of this
a running through my mind
Ah Hell, I'll start tomorrow
for now - It's quitting time!!!
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