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12-19-2020 My last blog is NOT updating, so here is a new 1! It is REALLY my journal, I add to it MA

Saturday, December 19, 2020

12-10-2020 The following is my wish for ALL of Spark People land!


May your hopes be as high, as high
as the sky’s highest star!

May your Star be as bright,
as bright as your smile!

May your smile be as warm,
as warm as your place in the sun!

May your place in the sun,
bring you peace!

May the peace in your heart,
give you joy in your heart!

May your heart know the meaning of love.

May the love you will know,
when you know your in love,
be forever, and ever as true,
as the love, I have given to you!

(by Meredith Wilson, from the Musical, “Here’s Love” 1963)

This song was a marionette number performed by Mom & Me, for the first time on Dec 12, 2003. Santa Bear, singing & Mrs. Santa Bear (now a beaver, lol). Appearing in “It’s A Very BEAR-y Holiday”. I want to give everyone reading the above words, this powerful wish.
Love from,
December 2020

(at Disneyland for Christmas 2019, Celebrating Mom's 90th BDay!)

emoticon emoticon 12-13-2020 Yesterday I walked the nature preserve, for my annual Santa 5K, virtually this year. (my 10th year) Usually 5,000 of us, but just me & LITTLE RED. Mom made her & gave her to me several Christmas's ago. She was 1 of Mom's favorites. So I took her, & these photos to share with my Mom! She will love them! The weather was beautiful! Taking it a little easier today! Hope you are having fun! emoticon


(Finish line, haha)

emoticon 12-15-2020 Today I am off to grocery shop. Trader Joe's. It will be VERY beautiful! I have organized more clothes. Marie Kondo's book, SPARK JOY, says to dump ALL of your clothes into 1 pile. I just do not have the time or space to go through everything & organize it, like that. I am a performer, have been since I was 6 yrs. I take VERY good care of my things & they last for MANY yrs. I have MANY options for living & performing. I hope to actually be doing shows, again, after the pandemic! So I have been taking it 1 type of clothes at a time. The latest is my sequin or beaded clothes. & wraps or coverlets, lot's of layering in our area.YOUR support of my Tiding up project keeps me going! emoticon My small goal is to finish our closet by Dec. 31. I'm not sure I can make that, but keep at it & enjoying the process. IF I get over whelmed, I just look at what I HAVE accomplished. It is SO fun to see everything at 1 glance.PLUS lot's of donations, hopefully someone else can use what I can't. BE happy & healthy & I will too!

(Wraps before)

(Wraps after)

(beaded before)

(beaded after)

emoticon 12-17-2020 Merry Christmas! emoticon DH & I & Mom made theses marionettes! Santa is 3.5 feet tall & weighs 12#! (Yes! I am strong!) Created in 1980 or so, they have performed 1,000's of times. So fun to bring JOY emoticon to everyone! Hope your season is blessed, too!

( Santa, Mrs. Claus)

emoticon 12-18-2020 It rained yesterday! First time in 240 days! Smells GREAT!!!!! I even did some gardening. Planter our Thanksgiving flowers/plant outside & put a cover on them. It's going down to 31 tonight. I've been mailing packages, cards & working. More another time! Merry Christmas & happy holidays! Winter solstice here we come! For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter & Saturn align. WOW! I saw them 'start' the other night.... lovely sky! Look up! emoticon

emoticon 12-19-2020 I am so very blessed. My life has challenges, too. But I get to live my life the way I choose, most of the time. DH & I are keeping 'it' together through this strange year. As I am sure EVERYONE is.

My Christmas wishes: for him to stay healthy; (last year he was VERY sick from Christmas eve through Valentine's Day, never did figure out why); his computer not get a virus; (the past 3 years it did, for a total make over, hours of stress, that is our livelihood)

AND for rain! We received about 1/4 inch yesterday! emoticon first rain in 240 days, YIKES!

emoticon I wish to see my Mom, (it's been since her 91 B'Day last Nov.) I want to start performing again,( I perform LIVE, not on video. I have performed every year since I was 6 yrs. old, except this 1. My last full performance was Feb. 1. I did take "LITTLE RED" on the Santa 5K, last week. I have performed JANii for people to come to our front door, masked of course. They don't come in. Mom made JANii & (LITTLE RED, as well as 5,000 others, with DH & our 'team'), gave her to me for Christmas, 2018. She means the world to me. JANii was 1 of the last marionettes mom made (I helped costume & string her) & 1 of her favorites. For her to give her to me, means ALLOT. Mom has dementia, so gifts from her are rare. Our phone conversations are VERY special.

I also wish to travel (as I use to, 5 times a year). I pray daily for our little planet & that it heals, so all of everyone living on it can thrive. As the song says, I count my blessings, not sheep, to go to sleep. I guess I'm being introspective today. Thanks for reading. SP has become VERY important to me, this year. My 3,200 days of SP EVERY day. I think it is because we are all learning how to navigate through a pandemic. YOU all understand what I am going through. & vise versa! My SP friends feel closer & closer, all the time! emoticon I'm off to hike the nature preserve, trails. Everything else is closed up there.

(her bunny slippers are darling, right?)

emoticon 12-20-2020 This year emoticon I asked my family to hand write Christmas emoticon letters to me, about WHY they love me. How they feel about me, how I may have helped them, etc. & I will write, also & send back to them, too. It is a very sweet way to connect & give a gift with them! Especially my Mom! emoticon

emoticon 12-21-2020 Happy Winter Solstice! The planets are aligning like they haven't in 800 years! emoticon emoticon emoticon That has to be good for all of us, right? "Be the health you want, with what you have to work with & I will too!" A quote by me! emoticon

emoticon 12-24-2020 Merry Christmas Eve: May this beautiful season bring you joy, so you can spread it through YOUR world! emoticon SP friends mean the world to me. Thanks for your friendship! emoticon Happy, healthy journey! & a fabulous 2021!

(My Fairy Goddaughter, Christmas 2019 THIS is what Christmas is all about, right? PURE joy)

(My Christmas show 2019, with CRYSTAL, she is a break-a-part, Mom & I made her about 1968, hope to perform again next year!)

emoticon 12-25-2020 Merry Christmas, everyone! DH emoticon & I & LUCY emoticon opened presents at 5am. So fun! He was VERY sick for months, last year. I bless EVERY moment we are sharing together. He is VERY well, now! I decorated a little, lovely. I got to see videos of my Mom opening the presents form us.(She is 92 & states away) I miss her so much! NEXT year, no matter what I will hug her! emoticon I will walk our wonderful LUCY a little later when it warms up. We are use to 90 degrees. It is only 55 today, but sunny! I LOVE the smell of fresh air! Be blessed everyone! THX for being my SP friend! emoticon

(Baby Grinch, Baby Yoda is green too. Kermit also, maybe green is the new orange!)

(THX to MILLER & Katie for this lovey beaded tree, SO pretty, right?)

emoticon 12-28-2020 My favorite Christmas album is PEGGY LEE's Christmas Carousel. (Remember her?) Our family made marionettes for our shows & used that music. VERY special Christmas memories. I still use the same marionettes (1967+) & her music in my shows. (At least until the pandemic, no performances, right now. I am a 'live' performer. Don't like it on video.) What is your favorite Christmas music? Finding joy & sharing it with everyone, is the way to go for me! Hope your holiday's are blessed! emoticon Happy, healthy end of the year! emoticon emoticon

(Popo, 1 of the very first marionettes mom made, 1959 or so! He is sitting in our living room)

Our Fairy God Daughter opening our gift. A 1,000 piece puzzle of Josephine Wall's,' Spirit of the Fairy'. 1 of my favorites artist!

emoticon 12-29-2020 Good morning! 1 of my Spark friends, asked what I received for Christmas. So many beautiful things! I am blessed AND grateful for my amazing life! DH gave me a new marionette puppy! (I picked it out) She is made by 1 of my VERY favorite marionette artists, Phillip Huber. Also a lovely necklace, SPIRIT OF Flight, a painting by Josephine Wall, created by jewelers KIRKS FOLLY, through a seller on eBay. AMAZINGLY beautiful! But truly my Christmas wish came through & that was that my DH stay healthy & our computers do too! Also, getting to see my Mom on Video opening the gifts we gave her! SO special! Hope yours was fun, too! Find the joy & share it!

(close up of new puppy, SAMii)

(SAMii with her 'mom' our hand made marionette, JANii)

(Mom & the new puppy we gave her, NOT a marionette)

(new necklace)

emoticon 12-30-2020 Doing catch up work. Files, photos, closet etc. I don't think I will reach my goal of finishing the closet, BUT almost 1/2 way there! MANY people coming to visit for New years, (about 200,000. Yep you read that right!) We are staying home! I'll do errands today, before the influx. Stay safe & happy everyone! Happy New Year, when it comes!

(on SP today)

(some of before-Jackets)

(some after- jackets)

emoticon 12-31-2020 Coming by to say emoticon emoticon to 2020 & have a wonderful, happy, healthy, 2021! You are so special! emoticon

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