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Follow-up on yesterday's blog

Monday, December 14, 2020

The experience in the Covid waiting room in the ER solidified my thinking on something. I believe that the greatest threat of Covid is not the threat to our bodies. I believe the greatest threat is the fear it engenders. That young man in the Covid waiting room was a Christian, but he did not have the spiritual resources to fight the fear. I suspect his story is being played out all over the world. And the press and the politicians are feeding the fear.

I have thought things through, and I realized that I have a couple days of freedom before my next quarantine has to start. The ER doctor said I am free of strep or other infection. I do not currently have Covid. The health department told me that it takes four days after exposure before a person is possibly a threat to others. So I have until Thursday to mail things and do another grocery run to prepare for this next period of isolation. And, to go to church on Wednesday night! All with mask, social distancing, and handwashing, of course.

As of Thursday mid-afternoon, my four days will be up, but I hope to be cloistered in my apartment no later than noon, just to make sure.

I have long felt that people with serious underlying conditions are wise to isolate themselves. And those who live with such people are probably also wise to do so. It just makes good sense. But for people who are basically healthy, I truly believe that cowering in fear in our homes is a mistake. It is a spiritual mistake as well as a practical mistake.

For older people like myself, who are healthy, the risks are higher. I do not fault people for choosing to stay in. But I choose to live my life! I am cognizant of the risks. And when I become a risk to others, then of course I will isolate.

I love to read the stories of the great saints of the church. Many of them followed the example of Jesus in going among the sick to minister to them. They trusted in God. They did not cave in to fear. Many of us have living memory of Mother Teresa. I don't know if she has yet been made a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, but she would be a perfect example of someone familiar who did this. There are many other examples, ancient and recent, in both the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

How is it that we are so fearful of this virus that we close down our churches? Some congregations stopped live streaming services when things loosened up a bit. I hope they have started up again!

I especially have great compassion for people who are living in long-term care facilities. My husband died in such a place. Even under normal circumstances, many of the people fight loneliness and despair. But now, they have had almost EVERYTHING that makes life meaningful stripped from them. They are isolated in their rooms. They have no activities, no exercise, no stimulation except a TV (some don't even have that). They can't have their families visit. They can't have their pastor visit. Most of them have no phone or computer. And they have absolutely no choice in the matter!

I know people who work in long-term care. They say that almost all deaths are reported as Covid deaths, whether the people had the virus or not. The facilities get extra money for Covid deaths. And perhaps some of those deaths WERE caused by Covid, even if the people did not have the virus. My friends report that formerly active people went downhill rapidly due to inactivity and lack of stimulation.

Fear has created a response that is focused solely on our physical safety. Is this really what we want? Is it a Godly response?

I do not think so. I know some will disagree, and that is okay. But as for me, if I live, I live to Christ. If I die, I die to Christ!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I believe you hit it on the nail head. We should not live in fear. I believe from the beginning of this pandemic only the people most susceptible should have been quarantined. I know of several healthy people that have had the virus and fought it off and are carrying on. If we let are bodies do what they are meant to do, eventually the virus will hide it's ugly head and it will be no more or less than any other virus. These are just my thoughts and opinions, I may or may not be right, but if the government continues to close our schools ,churches and businesses the solution has become worse than the problem! As long as I keep God in my life I will not fear anyone or anything!🙏
    147 days ago
    Hoping you can stay safe and sound there and also stay strong in your faith as well as sanity. Hugs.
    172 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    That mono sure does have a hold on you, poor thing. My friend had it years ago and she said it took about a year to overcome completely. Learning yet another new norm,eh?
    174 days ago
    177 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I hope you are safe and well today.
    198 days ago
    I think covid is lack of education.. Know what symptoms are..take care if yourself..
    I did not get tested but, my Son did...he was positive... I had a cold...little cough, throat was hurting but I used warm water, salt gargle... fatigue..I did get antibiotics.. But, they made stomach hurt..I was not that ill..maybe 4 days..I still stay home.. No church..no grocery store..I just really need to walk more.

    Thank God he cares..I know I adore Jesus!

    I think we need to be active.. emoticon emoticon

    Motivation is problem emoticon
    202 days ago
    Back in summer, when I was self-isolating so I wouldn't get sick, I was feeling very alone and fearful. I realized that it wasn't healthy and that I needed to be around people a bit to improve and mental health. In Sep I started to go back to the office two times per week and this helped me greatly. In Oct I started to go back to church on the weekends. I am not super comfortable at my church because virtually no one wears a mask or social distances but I do my best to do both. I stay for outdoor coffee hour sometimes and sometimes not, like right now when our numbers are so high. Just going and being with "my people" for a few hours really helps. And being in the church services releaves my anxiety immensely. I am still be very careful because I need to. I have very weak lungs and would be quite ill were I to get COVID, but I am working hard to live my life too.
    217 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    This is so real, but isolation for those who have real friends and faith, gratitude, do not have to be depressing. It is a very real virus that has taken many lives of my friends. Masks and quarantine are about 90% of what is saving most of us. For those who do not think it is real, they have yet to lose somebody to it.
    We had covid before it was announced to the mases last winter. We were not aware of it yet, but we barely survived and had it for three weeks, every single symptom.
    Going out and about with no protection, being immature and selfish, is what is spreading this disease. Not ignorance.
    Ignorance is when you are not aware of something, stupidity is when you ARE aware and do it anyway.
    I am glad you are home and safe.

    220 days ago
    Amen, sister!
    221 days ago
    I have felt a lot of things during this pandemic, but fear is not one of them. I wear a mask mostly out of courtesy to others and to be in compliance with the authorities who make the mandates. I do not trust in my mask to protect me, I trust in Jesus, and He never fails. Our church was already live streaming before the pandemic started, but they have definitely stepped up their game and refined it a lot. I'm so thankful for that. We have been able to enjoy services at home without risking our health or that of others. The church also created a huge number of onlilne life groups to help people stay connected and still feel a part of things.

    While I agree that isolation is not the best, especially long terms, I can't help but think of all the families that pioneered our country. They lived alone on their homesteads rarely seeing others. They thrived and grew to build communities. They did not all die of loneliness or depression or we would not have a country. I'm NOT downplaying anyone's plight, but I feel the media has blown it way out of proportion. Have you been in many nursing homes before Covid, and seen the condition they are in, and the lack of competent workers? If the masses truly cared, those facilities would not be in the condition they are in, and would be better funded. There are a few nice ones, but the majority are not. Employee turnover is high, and the type of people they hire I would not trust to care for my pet, much less my loved ones. When the hospital told me I had to move Mom to one for her last few days of life, I just had to choose the lesser of the evils, then I stayed with her to make sure she was cared for, only going home to shower and change clothes. It would have broke my heart if she actually had to live there long term.

    Guess you didn't need a rant. I must have needed to vent. God bless!
    222 days ago
    I have serious underlying health conditions and rarely left the house and I got covid anyway. When I feel up to it I am going to go out and about and live my life beyond the 4 walls I have been cooped up by for 9 months. The politicians and the media are good at creating fear. Sweden didn't shutdown their country and they had lower numbers than the rest of Europe at least with the first wave i haven't heard about the second wave with Sweden at all.
    222 days ago
  • DEE107
    AMEN PRAISE THE LORD AND YES MOTHER TERESA IS A SAINT https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mothe
    222 days ago
    Amen. I am in total agreement sister.

    God is my caregiver....I trust Him above all others.

    222 days ago
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