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The magic of the delete button

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Yesterday I did it. The hotmail account that has been giving my iphone a hard time has been officially deleted off of it. It was the second time I had to delete and reinstall. Well, as they say, the Second time is a charm....Once bitten, Twice get my drift. emoticon

No MS, I will not add my password....again...if it really is you (which it was because I have several security layers I had to jump through in order to verify that MS was being all glitchy)

Removing the mail account was a huge thing. Losing the connectivity of an email account is something that is unheard of these days....what if someone needs to get to me?!?!?!?! Um, Annie, it's a hotmail account, I'm sure the advertisement will survive without you knowing that it emailed you 20 times in one day.

But the kids school!?!?! Um, again, most important news is spread via social media and robo-calls, the announcement that (yet another) round of positive covid cases was flushed out will wait until you log-onto the regular old computer...which you do every day. Calm down.

With the final decision to delete this most ancient account off of my phone (my very first email ever), I suddenly felt very free. I put my phone to charge and did not look at it until late late this morning. Like the school emails, if there is something truly pressing at work, they can call or text me after work hours. The email will wait until the next workday to be read and/or answered.

This out of the blue mind shift took me by surprise, thus the blog...this was not planned, it was done because I was, well...done. Done with the technological garbage and in removing the one small feels as if a wall is starting to crumble. A wall of self-imposed "have to's" that is no longer.

This structured, type-A, workaholic is letting the inbox fill-up a little, rather than reading and addressing each email upon receipt so that the inbox doesn't have a red number in it. Will I let those emails pile up?? Heck no! I'm not that type of person either LOL But I won't worry about seeing a dozen or so and flip out that I missed something anymore. 90% are ads or reminders that will be deleted. The 10% remaining will be handled. They always are.

So along with that...I'm going to continue the purge with Unsubscribing to things. If I really need the info, I know where to find it, thanks. Nice doing business with you. Buh-bye. emoticon I'm going with the new phrase "Ignorance is Bliss"

I feel like I lost 10 pounds. emoticon

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day!! emoticon
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