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December Catchup

Saturday, December 05, 2020

So I wrote this at 3:30 AM last night and forgot to hit the 'post' button! LOL! So here it it!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Why yes, I'm up at O'dark thirty! I got maybe two hours of sleep so far, but plan on getting more. I'm watching food on the stove for chili, and several other reasons! My anxiety got so high I could not sleep so I was doing things to bring it down, then got so wrapped up in that I lost track of time and then I woke up before my two and a half hour alarm to check on the food on the stove... must be the anxiety again, or the teenager is still on the phone and got to talking to loud and woke me. She is quiet again, but it could be because she heard me rustling around.

National Sewing Circle is having a $1 sale for a year of premium membership... I got suckered into an additional $9 for a gold membership, but you get so many more things! Just must remember to cancel it before it auto-renews, because I am not paying that much for a year of it! Especially when I'm sure they will have another deal like this. But I'm already doing projects from their site, so, totally worth the $10 - to me anyway. I've heard people say that the site is not worth it, so it is totally my opinion thus far.

I also got Seamwork at 50% off for Unlimited, totally worth it! It is a wardrobe building website, and that is my goal, to learn to sew my own wardrobe! Now I have to learn how to put patterns together! My friend D has promised to help...

... once my DD14 is out of quarantine and has and negative covid test. That is right, she was exposed to someone who has had a positive covid test. Arrgh! I was just going on about how low the numbers in my small town are, too. I spoke too soon! She is holed up in her room. I'm taking her meals and such for the first few days to see if the starts showing a fever or any other symptoms, then if not, life will resume. She still have to have that covid test before returning to school in 14 days. She will just barely make it back in time to practice once or twice for the band concert. If she is negative. And half of her major tests of the end of this half of the year will be online.

I don't know how big this picture will get or if you can read it, but the gist of it is: in Iceland there is a tradition that on Christmas Eve there is a mass book exchange between everybody... And then you basically stay up all night reading and eating chocolate. I love this. Me and my best friend are doing it. I found out who her favorite author is, she found out what kind of books I like (need to message her with the book series I just found that I love!) and we are sending each other books. And chocolate. And, I'm going to do this for my kids as well. My oldest, not paying attention as she does, complained one day that we don't have enough traditions. We have lots of them. But if she is going to complain, I'll borrow this one from Iceland and we'll start a new tradition! They can't stay up all night, otherwise they will be pooped the next day (same goes for me, and I actually have things to put together that night too - I thought that season was over!?), but they can stay up late-ish and then let me go put out their stockings and go to bed myself! LOL! I simply think this is awesome!

I'm putting a lot of love, time, and though into making each gift. I really do think that the best gifts are handmade. Even if you don't like that much, think about the thought and effort that went into making that homemade gift for you! A lot of people even pray over the person they are making the gift for, or think of memories of the person, etc, while they are making the gift for them. I know I am opening myself up to criticism by making handmade gifts for everyone, but, unlike the me of a few years ago I am getting myself in the mindset that "other people's opinion of me, is none of my business" ~Rachel Hollis. It does not matter. What matters is my opinion. And I think it is wonderful that I am taking all this time, care, love, and affection to shower on the people I care about. I am trying not to get too wrapped up in it, though, just in case I do get a gut bomb from someone. I'm going to keep being me and sewing no matter what. I was thinking of all of these fun additional things I could make and had to stop myself. There is no need for all that. This is enough. while the additional stuff is fun, it is not necessary. I want to possibly wear my own, made-by-me clothes if I can swing it, so gotta get moving on these gifts!

This! I need this t-shirt! This is so me, especially this week! I got so distracted by all the other pretty things I could be doing for gifts and for fun, I barely made progress on my gifts! I got all the colors picked out, all the fabric cut, but that is about it. The rest is the fun part, but still. Need to get it done! The sooner I do, the quicker I can move on to making myself that outfit that I want to wear for Christmas! I have to make it in muslin first, I've never done anything like this, so I don't want to waste my nice fabric, so muslin it is. Plus, I've never done a zipper, let alone an invisible one. I'm thinking about doing some pocket purses or some kind of zipper pouches first just to get the hang of zippers first. I have everything I need. Just need to figure out how to put together the printed pattern, I've never done that before. D is going to help me. She said we could Zoom if we need to. Probably won't get the actual outfit done in time for Christmas. But I can be working on it!

Yesterday was supposed to be my relaxation day. I ended up going out more than normal and finding out about the covid exposure. Not relaxing at all. So today is going to be my relaxation day. I've got a list of relaxing things to do, and I'm going to do them! First on the list is to not go anywhere! I've still got some chores to do, the house must continue to function and it needs me doing chores to do so. But I plan on doing things like a foot bath, face mask (I'll cut out the eye hole over my surgery eye to make it bigger so nothing gets in my eye), paint my nails, sew to relax, and do crafts. I'll clean my office (yes, that is relaxing, a clean office/craft room helps me relax!), and wash my doggo so that she can take a nap with me. Nap, after a night like tonight is high up there on the list too!

Okay, time to go unwind some more and see if I can't get back to sleep before 5 AM!! LOL! Or maybe I'll just have breakfast and go to bed when DH gets up? Hmmm.... Nope, going back to bed!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


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  • LIS193
    Iceland has my kind of Christmas!
    51 days ago
    Wow! I hope you've slept. emoticon emoticon (passionflower tea)

    Oh, here's to DD14 being negative, and not even having a cold! emoticon

    51 days ago
  • LINDA!
    You are a busy lady. Praying for negative Covid tests.
    51 days ago
    Wow! Lots on your plate. Hope your DD's tests negative!

    HUGS, stay warm, stay safe and take care of YOU!

    51 days ago
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