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December Update: Be Stronger Than 2020

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Yes I realize that today is the 3rd day of the month, so I am a little slow at welcoming in this month. I have been busy with my Fitbit challenge this week.

I busted my butt off yesterday walking around town..started out in 18 degree weather here. But I am hoping to beat my record in this step challenge. I could just kinda commit..sorta commit, make a half @$$ed effort while repeating the same old tired excuses that get me nowhere near my old record. Sure it's cold outside, but that's why I have a hat and winter coat. Sure it might be dark outside, but that's why I have a flashlight.

If you want something...go get it, "PERIOD"

Isn't that why we all signed up with sparkpeople? We told ourselves that we wanted to lose weight, eat healthier, or get motivation to move more. Now you can't control everyone else, not even the people in your own household. Who would want to live with a dictator? If you have a goal for yourself, does it really matter what someone else does? Not really...not if your goal is really your goal.

My goal yesterday was to increase my daily steps..did I let the chilly wind stop me? NO! When I got home from work last night, one of my housemates had a pan of homemade brownies sitting on the counter. Did I say "to heck with my goal weight" NO!

Remember I had said that 2020 is the year of the least for me it is. This is the last month of this year and I plan on being stronger than any crazy year. Sure, I would love to gobble up a few homemade brownies and not gain an ounce, but let's get real...that ain't gonna happen. In my dream world, I could go to sleep looking like Bluto and wake up looking like Olive Oyl. Nope that isn't realistic either. In real life I have to learn self control.
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