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Goodbye November 2020

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

I have been so tired the last couple of days and have got plenty of sleep in. I have a video appointment with my Dr. tomorrow afternoon. I am still experiencing shortness of breath and today my sinuses have been burning. Other than that I am doing okay.

I ended up being more busy than I thought I was going to be. I went up to cook dinner at my parents house. As soon as I walked in their door my dad says did you find her? I asked found who? He said Emily got loose. Emily is my mom's 13year old Puggle. My mom was out looking for her so I got in my car to go look for her and I find her within a couple of minutes, problem was I could not get a hold of her. When she got preoccupied sniffing bushes I got out of the car hoping to sneak up on her but nope, LOL. I got out of breath each time I got out to try to get a hold of her. Normally what I did would not get me out of breath.

Finally I didn't get out of the car anymore I just followed behind her up and down the street for 20 minutes. I was hoping eventually my mom would show up I tried calling her but she left her phone at the house. I lost her when she walked into the greenbelt area. My mom had just got to the house the same time I did. We went back out again and we came across her friend walking Emily with her shoelace. If I was wearing shoes with laces I would have never thought to unlace my shoe and use the lace as a leash. An hour later I am finally cooking dinner.

My mom then said that she has to take my dad to the ER because the people at the dialysis place said to take him tonight because of his head injury from falling the day before Thanksgiving. I had told her the same thing of taking him to the ER when I found out about it the next day. I took him in to the ER because she couldn't take him because my dad's dog has bad separation anxiety and chews up everything furniture included when he is left alone. Thankfully the ER only took a couple of hours I couldn't go in with him. His CT scan showed no fracture or bleeding thankfully. He is just swollen and bruised.
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