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Saturday, November 28, 2020

I had Surgery for a fistula on Wednesday. I was very very nervous as I had a hemorrhoidectomy in Oct 2016. It was 4 months of the worst pain I had every experienced in my life.
Needless to say, I was scared. I didn't know what was going to happen.
I asked a few kind and spiritual friends and family to pray for me. I had no idea of what to expect, except, I knew it would bring pain. The doctor said 1-2 weeks of pain. He always looked away when he said it so I thought maybe that was the worst part of the pain, he meant. That it might hurt longer but not as bad as the first 2 weeks.
When the surgeon said we should have it next Wednesday (and it was the Thursday before Thanksgiving ), I had 6 days to cook the Thanksgiving dinner, celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary, buy ALL the Christmas gifts and send half of them off in the mail, and send off 60 Christmas cards as well. I knew I would most likely be miserable after the surgery. I was expecting to just sleep and pray.
I decorated the whole house on November the 1st, tree and all . Outside and inside, so I already had that done. :-) .
That day when I got home from the doctor, I bought gifts online and in the stores. I wrapped all the presents and sent them off to Chicago and Florida and put the rest under the tree. I wrote my Christmas letters and addressed and signed 60 cards. I made All the Thanksgiving meal and still celebrated our anniversary dinner by rearranging the furniture (piano included) and dressing up a part of the house that is secluded with candles and lights and pretty plates and silverware . I actually had picked up that dinner, Thai food, my husband's favorite.
I was Wonder Woman. It almost took the pleasure out of it. But not quite... The day before my surgery, I was finished. I had a day to worry and wonder what would happen next.

The next morning at the hospital, my blood pressure was 160/103. I take blood pressure medicine but I guess it wasn't working then... :-) My anxiety level was through the roof. They had given me a very uncomfortable Covid test and then left me alone for a while. During that time, my blood pressure started to lower. I promised myself, I would try to not get myself wound up like that again. They gave me the IV to make me go to sleep and I became very relaxed and dizzy. I was out.
My surgery happened and I remember feeling like a completely different person afterwards. No anxiety, no more worrying.
I went home and waited for the pain to rear its head. I had a taken a few pain killers and the pain didn't come. I thought, maybe the pain killers are really working.
That night I slept well and decided not to take any pain killers because I didn't feel any pain.
The next day happened and still no pain.. I didn't take any pain killers since the 1st day.
The third day, still no pain.
I wondered if it even happened, but I knew it did. There was evidence of it.
The surgeon was so incredible and skilled and the wound was on the smaller side..
Prayers were spoken and answered.
I almost can't believe it.

I have joyful tears now. God is good. Now I can enjoy the holiday and not run around and miss it. Everything is done. Now I can just rest.
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