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Home for the Holidays

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Home for the Holidays was where Claudia was reluctantly going for Thanksgiving 1995. Claudia, a single mom, art restorer who had just been laid off. As her daughter Kitt dropped her off @ the Chicago airport, she informed her mom she & boyfriend were going to have sex. Oh, there’s your plane ... gotta go, mom. Claudia had a large family that put the fun into dysfunctional. Claudia’s parents, Adele & Henry, picked her up in Baltimore, MD.When Claudia mentioned she was thinking of looking for a new job, her mom immediately figured out Claudia didn’t have a job. Tommy, Claudia’s younger brother, was the only one that she told about her no job status (budget cuts). Tommy arrived that evening with a friend, Leo. Claudia thought Leo was Tommy’s new boyfriend. (Excellent, not).

More family members arrive the next day Aunt Glady arrives, she used to be a very intelligent, but seems to getting dementia. Claudia’s sister, Joanne & her family arrive. The next day is Thanksgiving - let the games begin! Aunt Glady says she loves Henry. Tommy managed to dump the turkey over aJoanne. He start making annoying bad jokes. Joanne tells the family that Tommy married his boyfriend, Jack, several months before. Adele leave the table, Claudia tries to comfort her. After the meal, the annual family football game starts with the guys. Tommy is washing all the cars. Yada, yada, yada, Walter (BIL) & Tommy get in a fight, Henry sprays them both with the hose. Walter grabs his family, drives off going home, soap suds & all. Jack calls the house, Henry wishes Jack & Tommy the best.

Later, Adele had Claudia take Glady home, then take leftovers to Joanne & family. Claudia & Joanne chat. her. Joanne says, "If I just met you on the street...if you gave me your phone number, I’d throw it away." Claudia responds "We don’t have to like each other, we're family".
Driving home, Leo tells Claudia Tommy had shown him her picture. More chatting. Claudia the next dayShe got on her flight, Leo sat down next to her. BTW, Kitt (daughter) said she & BF were not intimate.

I’m leaving the list of actors & characters here. I had to keep referring to it.
Holly Hunter as Claudia Larson - the protagonist, lost her job
Robert Downey Jr. as Tommy Larson - Clusia’syounger brother
Anne Bancroft as Adele Larson - Claudia’s mom
Claire Danes as Kitt Larson - Claudia’s daughter
Charles Durning as Henry Larson - Claudia’s dad
Dylan McDermott as Leo Fish - the friend Tommy brought to dinner
Geraldine Chaplin as Aunt Glady - she seems to be in early dementia
Steve Guttenberg as Walter Wedman - Claudia’s BIL, stuffy banker
Cynthia Stevenson as Joanne Larson Wedman - Claudia’s sister, stick up you know where
Emily Ann Lloyd as Brittany Lace Wedman - niece, spoiled child
Zach Duhame as Walter Wedman, Jr. - nephew spoiled child

It’s Not Unusable, Tom Jones
Use in movie

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone
But when I see you hanging about with anyone
It's not unusual to see me cry, I wanna die

It's not unusual to go out at any time
But when I see you out and about, it's such a crime
If you should ever want to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual, it happens every day, no matter what you say

You'll find it happens all the time
Love will never do what you want it to
Why can't this crazy love be mine?
It's not unusual to be mad with anyone
It's not unusual to be sad with anyone
But if I ever find that you've changed at anytime
It's not unusual to find out I'm in love with you

Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, woah-oh-oh, wo-oh-oh-oh-oh

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