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Covid Is Hell!

Monday, November 23, 2020

On November 7th my lungs started burning pretty bad and I had an occasional cough. November 9th my lungs on top of the burning began hurting horribly and I had bad shortness of breath. I started doing my nebulizer treatments up again I managed 2 treatments with no improvement so I went to the ER. My covid test came back negative but my lung x-ray showed covid in my lungs so I was diagnosed with covid. Despite the horrid lung pain and the shortness of breath my oxygen level was holding steady at 91%. They don't admit to the hospital until it goes below 90%. I'm like good as I want nothing to do with the hospital beyond the ER, arm me with the medicine I need to treat myself at home. They gave me dexamethasone by IV and gave me a shot of toradol to help with the pain and sent me home. I also continued with my 4 times a day nebulizer treatments. November 11th I was back to the ER because the pain in my lungs was getting worse which I didn't think that could be possible, I am still only occasionally coughing but now I am coughing up dark green gunk. I got another covid test which was again negative and another chest x-ray that came back worse than the one I got 2 days before. The doctor prescribed me 60mg of prednisone and a 6 day Z-pack antibiotic which I'm like they don't help with viruses but ok whatever, I was thankfully sent home again because my oxygen was still holding steady at 91% despite still having worse shortness of breath, Just getting dressed got me seriously out of breath I even putting my oxygen on fought like hell to get my breath under control. November 13th another ER visit lung pain increased again at this point I was euthanize me please, seriously. The doctor did not bother running another covid test she said that some people do have the false negatives, figures I am one of them. Instead of an x-ray she ran at CT Scan to check to see if I may have a blot clot in my lung. No blood clot but my lungs are worse hell I didn't need a CT scan to tell me that. She prescribed me 4mg of dexamethasone to take once a day and 2mg of Tizanidine which is a muscle relaxer to take 3 times a day to ease the tightness of my rib muscles oxygen level holing steady at 91%.Today November 23rd I woke up for the first time since November 8th with no chest pain but I still have the burning. I have only had occasional coughing the whole time today it is still the dark green I had a little blood mixed in today. I have never had a fever the whole time.

I have been a hermit for 9 months only going out to pick up prescriptions and Doctor appointments here and there. My mailperson is constantly delivering mail to the wrong apartment numbers and has for years complaining has fallen on deaf ears. So mail order is not an option for me. I have my groceries delivered. When I was out I always wore my mask and kept my distance of at least 6 feet from people. I am in the high risk group with COPD being the worst one to have with the covid.I was so careful and did everything they say to do and I still got it.

My mom who is 76 while we were on total lockdown every week went grocery shopping. When things opened more she was back to going out everyday for the majority of the day. She says she always wore her mask but it was hard to distance from others. Why am I adding my mom in here? My mom and dad went and got covid tests on November 11th 3 days later they both tested positive so far they have no symptoms. I went over to my parents house everyday before November 9th to go and check on my 88 year old dad while my mom is running all over town because he has dementia or alzhiemer's not sure which one as my mom refuses to have him checked out. He is also getting dialysis 3 days a week 4 hours each time. I go check on him every hour to make sure he is ok he has been falling a lot and at times his fistula stars being out of nowhere. I did not wear my mask at my parents house. That is more than likely where I got it. My mom is still going to the store with her positve test! I said that is wrong on so many levels! She said it is fine I wear my mask. Then I add yeah sure you got it wearing the mask, the mask does not make you invincible, but it's a no brainer you don't care about other people when you don't care about your family Harsh words yes I am just beyond pissed more so for my dad than myself. Rant over.

Please be very careful out there! I have managed to stay out of the hospital and I had it badly, I am still fighting it. I can't imagine to have it even worse and have to be hospitalized.
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    So sorry for you. I have many health struggles including asthma. I care for my special needs adult son who has autism, asthma and has seizures since my divorce. I wear my mask and gloves every time. so does my son. I go out only when I need to. this stuff is scary and I have respect for covid. I started wearing a mask and gloves in February so did my son. I thank God we have stayed safe so far. I am thinking about ordering groceries on line from now on. I hope this disease goes away from you soon. Stay safe and keep fighting. I do not understand these people who refuse to wear masks. I have had people try and come up against me while I am in line. If you say something they they an attitude. They also deny covid as a hoax. they crazy.
    210 days ago
    I'm SO sorry you are going through this, and wish I could do something to help you out. Let's hope the medications help and you can fight this. And definitely go back to the ER or call your dr if things get worse!!!

    Sending you big hugs!!!
    211 days ago
    Oh, I am so sorry for what you are going through.
    All those covid denying, mask resistant people should read this although they are so selfish and entitled that it likely wouldn't make a difference.

    Tonight our county Board of Supervisors is voting on a resolution to REQUIRE that NON MASKED people be admitted to stores and public areas. I feel like I am living in Crazyland.

    Prayers for your recovery. emoticon
    211 days ago
  • PAULA3420
    emoticon Sending prayers for you and your family. MAy you feel better soon and I as read your blog, I was so happy to hear your oxygen levels have remained above the 90% threshold so you have not been hospitalized.

    Hoping for good news soon. emoticon

    emoticon Paula

    211 days ago
    I'm so sorry. emoticon emoticon
    211 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. Our 19 year old got it and only had a mild head cold for 3 days. After 10 days she tested negative but the Health Department told us we have to quarantine an additional 2 weeks because of the incubation period. So far the other three of us have no symptoms and we only have 4 days left to go.
    211 days ago
    I am so sorry for you and your family. I hope you recover as soon as possible.
    211 days ago
    I am sorry for your experiences. My sister had it, and was ill for months too. Rest. Pray. Rest. emoticon
    211 days ago
    OH I could just smack those who don't think this is real. I am glad you're starting to feel a bit better.

    My DD got Covid the end of October and is still having breathing difficulties, though her O2 sats are about 93%.

    Hugs and prayers that you reel better.
    211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    I am sorry you are going through this! ... I know you have had this for a while, And I hope you start feeling better soon. .... emoticon
    211 days ago
    So sorry to hear! I hope that you feel better soon and get some relief from all the pain.
    211 days ago
  • LOF7203
    I hope you feel better soon
    211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD25585727
    emoticon Hope your feeling better soon Corrie. Covid is a terrible virus . Hang in there.
    211 days ago
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