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Weigh-in: November 21, 2020: Every Ounce Counts

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Held myself to 10-12 minutes. 5-7 minutes of cardio and 5-7 minutes of strength training. Focused on the exercises that would provide most bang for buck. It worked. Exercised more times this week than usual, even if for less time desired. I'm proud of that.

Same old same old. With the majority of focus having been on diet for the past several months, having lost over 10 pounds and being within 3 pounds of my goal, I'm willing to say that diet can take a second seat to exercise. I don't know if this is a dated concept on SP at this point, but I would probably do better focusing on motivation at this point.

--Prev Low : 196.4--21%
--Last Week: 196.6--21%
--This Week: 196.2--22% (Down 0.2 pounds from previous low)

Those who read my blog know that I am not into looking for something good that is not there. Tomorrow is never really another day unless something is done to make it so. The fake "look on the bright side" mentality does the opposite of "work for me"

That said, being this close to goal has always felt like stretching an elastic toward its limits. I worked out this week and am proud to have hit a new relative low-weight (Even if it is only 3-4 ounces so). Every ounce counts. This week no exception.

Every week, until I hit goal, I will play a song from the year similar to my weight (196 = 1996) and month closest to the decimal point (.2 = February)

Most of my friends in school were Weird Al fans. While I wouldn't call myself a true fan of his, I enjoyed his parodies and polkas enough. If you're a normie you know his 4 big ones "Eat It", "Fat", "Smells Like Nirvana" and of course "Amish Paradise" (*)

Not being dialed into pop-culture until after all four, I've usually ended up not seeing the originals' videos until having seen the parody, usually several times.

This week's song no exception.

And yes, I've not seen "Dangerous Minds," but a friend and I did see "High School High" (parody). Let me know if the former is worth a view (assuming it can still be found anywhere)

We're staying the course on exercise. A dear SparkFriend, all of whom I give much love, had indicated that I could probably hit my goal weight by getting a haircut. I have one scheduled this week so we'll see.

I could probably obliterate it with a 2 day juice fast the two days before weigh-in. Now THAT would be a Thanksgiving dinner.

- TD Out!

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