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Sew Much Fun! And Weighing In!

Friday, November 20, 2020

I have been sewing holiday and darker color fabric masks. I realized that all my masks were more lighter colors like yellows and pinks. Not good for Fall! So I made some in browns and darker shades. Then I made some holiday ones! Red stripes and red/green and red flowers on a cream base.... yay! I even made one for a friend's Mom that is a holiday plaid with a hint of gold that looks really good, may make one for myself and I don't like gold very much!, but it is cute! I've got about 16 or more done, just need to add the elastic, which is today's project as I need them done asap! My friends Christmas Care Package is getting mailed out on Tuesday and I gotta get my sewing table cleaned off because....

I was given this beautiful cotton fabric that looks almost like burlap, very rustic looking. I love it! I have enough to make a tablecloth out of it, and then some! I think I'm going to make the table cloth, and for when we are using a different tablecloth, place mats (it will go great with my red tablecloth!). That will be tomorrow's project. I've got the numbers already, just need to get to cutting and sewing. Should be a fun project.

We are working on budgeting and this time of year, that is difficult! So, to help out, I decided to dive into my fabric stash and see what I could make that family might like and use. My solution was microwavable bowl cozies! They are so cute, they look like flowers! Made out of cotton and flannel (that was my solution for what I have on hand) perfectly washable and with some Oxyclean any stains will come right out. I have some fun colors that I think everyone will love. I matched the colors either to the plate sets that people own, the color theme of the kitchen, or the people's personality (if I didn't know the first two or have anything to match). If I have time, I found some cute round 'boxes' with lid patterns that will work as containers and perfect gift boxes as well! I'll make them in matching colors if I have enough materials. This should be so much fun to make. Though I will admit, the three cozies I have made so far have been very frustrating at the end stage! I just need to work on my technique though!

I'm thinking about making some for Grandma, who lives in another state too, if I have time. We draw names every year, for the whole family across the states, and I think I'll do this and something else for that person, depending on who it is. I think, since we can't all be together for Thanksgiving, which is when we usually draw names, that Grandma will draw names for us and let us know who got whom. I hope they don't wait too long to let us know. I have been mulling over ideas, so depending on who it is I could buy or sew something.

This is taking priority over my other sewing project of sewing my wardrobe. I had planned out my next several projects, some skirts and some shirts. I have the fabrics planned out and everything. But, Christmas sewing comes first. I had planned on waiting to create my wardrobe till I lost all the weight, but then thought, you know what? Why wait? This will give me practice so that by the time I lose the weight and make my wardrobe, I'll be much better at it! And I'll have more patterns, and have more of an idea of what I want, be better at the techniques I need to know... all around win! I found this website by accident (Seamwork), I don't even remember how I found it! But I love it! It has great beginner projects, a community, the works. The only problem? Well, I've never done putting together paper patterns before and it is giving me fits! I've thrown away and printed the first 7 pages a few times. I asked for help in the community and only got one response. But I'll see if that helps. I was going to do it all week, but I've been procrastinating. My friend who sews is also a professional hairdresser and is going to highlight and trim my hair on Monday, so I'm going to take it with me and see if she can help.

Which has led me to find some super cute Christmas ornaments that you can sew! If I have time with all of the other sewing, I will make some as well. More gifts, and at least two for our tree. Two because anything I make for our tree, I make two of so that I can give one to each of my DD's when they get older and get their own homes and trees. I crocheted over plastic baubles (plastic so they would not break as easily) one year, they look so cute! Gave one to everyone along with their gift. Am giving one to my best friend this year.

My house is all decorated for Christmas (has been for a while, LOL!)! The dining room table is part Christmas, part Thanksgiving, with the turkey I made in high school, complete with lollipop plumage, LOL! The door is still Fall decoration and will be till after Thanksgiving. That along with the rustic tablecloth I'm going to make will be our Thanksgiving decor. I used to have a little more, but I don't know where it went. Hmmm. Perhaps come Spring cleaning time when we clean out the garage we will find it.

I weighed this morning at 198! Down 1 pound! Yay! And I am bloated, so possibly a little under that. I am not able to exercise due to eye surgery. Hopefully my last one. I pray that I heal well from this one. I'm going to eat well, stay on plan, do my PT stretches for my shoulder, my PT stretches for my knee, and re-start my stretches for my split challenge (yes, I got off track and forgot that). Stretching I can do, at least. I'll make sure to have my protein smoothie every day as well. I've found that I really like just banana. I am going to try it with chocolate today. Banana and chocolate go well together, right? So maybe that will taste good. I'm using collagen in it, and can already tell a difference in my nails. Gotta wait a while to tell a difference in my hair, but I have high hopes since my nails are doing so well.

Well, I've got to get to work on getting the elastic in all of those masks and get them each where they belong! some in a box, some in bubble mailers, some in the wash to go in my car, and some if a gift bag for if we go to the birthday party tomorrow. DD12 has been sick, so it depends on if she is feeling better today or not if we go. We don't want to give what she has to any one. We had it last week, and it is no bueno. The fatigue alone is awful. She had to go to the doctor to get an excuse and ended up being covid tested. Negative, PTL! Figured it would be otherwise DH and I would have been more sick. But it is good to know. But if she is even a hint of sick today, no birthday party. We'll see everybody at Thanksgiving next week.

I'll post pictures of all that I make after I'm done!

Hope you have a wonderful TGIF and thank you for reading my looooong post! LOL!



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