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Odds and ends

Monday, November 16, 2020

I am walking with dad and the dogs every morning once again. I still have a bit of a hitch in my get along, but it is just twinges for the most part... definitely not the horrific pain it was a month ago. I had to go for blood work this morning for my upcoming rheumatologist appointment. Fifteen tubes of blood later... the lab tech kept asking if I was okay, not lightheaded or anything? No problem. Then we went to pick up my new glasses. I got purple metal frames! While I was there I had them fix my sunglasses as well. (My sunglasses are prescription... with the bifocal... and I got them there, so they have no issue fixing them... thank goodness.) We took the dogs with us, as they enjoy car rides. And I walked them as soon as we got home. We had high winds last night, so there was deadfall on the driveway heading to the neighbors’ house out back. So dad got out the chainsaw and the tractor to cut it up and drag it out of the way... while I was walking the dogs. I have started getting Christmas cards from a Christmas card exchange list I signed up for a month ago or so. I have already sent out 30 cards to people on the list. It includes international addresses... and I have sent 10 cards to international addresses as well. I got some really pretty Thomas Kincade cards. They have a little bit of glitter on them and it gets everywhere (we call it “craft herpes”). So I don’t know if it’s really friendly to send them out, lol. The three I have received have come from different parts of the country. One from Mississippi, one from Hawaii, and one from Montana. It will be interesting to see if I get any international ones. It will also be interesting to see how many I get...! I haven’t really had a primary care doctor since April, when the doctor I was seeing decided to leave the practice after being out on maternity leave for three months prior. The doctor I got assigned to is young (just finished her residency I think), and wasn’t credentialed yet for most insurances. Well, she finally got all i’s dotted, and I have a well visit scheduled with her the second week in December. The first two weeks in December will be busy for me, with the rheumatologist, the neurologist, the psychologist (and my therapist), and now my primary care doctor as well. I have my Christmas shopping almost done. I just need to get three more things (but I need my niece’s wish list first, so I can get things she wants, lol). Those are all the odds and ends I can think of at the moment. Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a wonderful day!
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