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Sunday the 15th

Sunday, November 15, 2020

I started this blog on Friday the 13th, however, it turned into a novel, which I deleted. After all, you all don't know me, well okay at least one person does outside of the net, and aren't really all that interested in hearing my story of woe. No matter how I attempted to shorten my story, it blasted out chapter after chapter until I said "enough" and went to bed.

I'm going to attempt to keep this short, to the point, and no promises.

Take 6. emoticon I mean I'm editing.....

Mum went by ambulance to ER Friday morning at 3AM, due to extreme pain and difficulty weight-bearing. This was the 3rd ER trip in 2 weeks and the first by ambulance; unfortunately, the same ER doc was on-call for each trip. This particular doc holds bias about seniors and treated my Mum like a frail old lady who is slightly senile, doesn't know when to stop complaining and needs to go home, realize she is old, then die.

When I picked her up at 8AM, the nurse stated "she has a bit of arthritis and can increase the pain med, she can see her family doctor in a week or two for test results." I don't know who was more angry, me or my mother. Mum spewed the 5 minute drive home on how she told the doc to stuff it where the sun don't shine, after receiving a lecture about calling the ambulance when it wasn't necessary.

By that afternoon Mum and I met with her family doctor who stated he saw she had come in by ambulance, and realized he had to do more than talk with her on the phone. The on-call doc kept stating it was osteoarthritis and no matter how I twisted my head, it didn't fit. Family doc did a full exam, asked many questions, joked with Mum to get her to open up and listened to me. In the end he and I made the diagnosis - rheumatoid arthritis in the bursa of the hip and knee (right side). He gave her a corticosteroid injection - which I asked on-call doc about doing and was informed, Mum had to be referred out, which I knew wasn't true being I've had 2 injections in the SI joints this past year. He prescribed 25 mg Predisone for 7 days, to bring down the inflammation. She was encouraged to continue taking pain med to break the pain cycle. He will f/u on the 30th or earlier, if nothing improves.

Yesterday she went for a walk, she was able to get in and out of chairs and she was her usual goofy, off-beat, weirdo she usually is. It was great to hear her singing to herself, flirting with my Dad and cracking jokes. This is the woman the on-call doc informed "you are old, osteoarthritis happens, it's just how it is."

.......on a quick note, I was diagnosed with cervical osteoarthritis at the age of 32 years.

I will go into work tomorrow and see if I will be changing jobs, returning back to the battleground or sit on my thumbs waiting to see what the outcome will be....and when I can be more specific, I will do that. It's been a year - even without Covid.

I had all the blood work and ECG done on Friday, for the appointment on Dec 2nd. I have to return for urinalysis as apparently, I did not contribute enough. I don't know how they expect anyone to contribute after fasting for 12 hours. It's more difficult now, with the strict mandates with our local hospital - which does not admit any Covid patients, if there are any either they stay home or are shipped to the city. The mandates in our local hospital are stricter than the city (too). It's a bone of frustration here.

Close friend - her husband has leukemia and is in treatment. He is responding positively to treatment. They have a Go-Fund-Me for $25K. They are in Canada, socialized medicine - this was set up to cover loss wages. I struggle with this for many reasons, mainly with the fact they can sell their "toys" and downsize their home, if they need cash. Instead they are talking on how their savings is waiting for him to heal up, so they can go on another cruise.

My long time friend of 53 years, she had a small stroke. She is home, doing well and fortunate - as it has only affected one side of her face. She can still talk, eat and has no negative brain effects. Her doctor is really great, so I'm confident she is being watched very well and started her on blood thinners.

My friend who had Covid has fully recovered. Her husband was in hospital for knee surgery and developed Covid during hospital transfers; he's recovered and home (now).

Another close friend down south in my province, was quite ill and took the Covid test; fortunately she tested negative and after a few days at home, was well again. She figured it was exhaustion; work has been very heavy (mental health).

I looked into upgrading as part of my work issues is the fact, I'm archaic. My alma mater is not doing distant learning - which the college counselor thought might happen due to Covid. I have 9 credits going towards a diploma in social services, but have to use a college which will accept these credits. I looked into the one she recommended and couldn't see how to set up for distant learning - so I will have to send them an email. I cannot do more than one course at a time, and by doing it this way, I will be retired before I complete the course. It may be necessary though to do, as a means to return back to the work I was doing prior to the layoff. (and it's two-fold why I cannot do full-time studies and work together; money and the way my brain works, I need to focus fully on one or the other).

Team Challenge:
I have lost and gained the same pounds over and over. I have had no energy to exercise; physically and mentally drained. I wanted to focus on decluttering, then I realized I have to clean my home first. I feel bad for letting down teammates, was told not to quit though, so I will finish it out to the end.

My current goals are:
1. Sort out the education opportunities.
2. Clean my home. Do the dishes!
3. Finish out the work issues and get back on track with work.
4. Christmas cards - this is the year I will send out Christmas cards again!!
5. Focus on the appointment, Dec 2nd, for a plan of action to gain health. is still a novel, however, shorter than all my previous attempts. With this I will sign off, have lunch and dive into cleaning my home. One last note- if you haven't seen the movie "Clouds", I highly recommend. My 12 year old niece asked me to watch it, so I did this morning and it was very well done. It is done by the same producers as "Five Feet Apart" which I also highly recommend. Have tissue at hand though, trust me on this.

I wish you all a terrific Sunday!

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    I don't know why I didn't comment on this early I know I read it I remember being annoyed at how your Mum was treated bursitis can be incredibly painful and your Mum would never call an ambulance lightly.Let me at em I'll teach him how to treat an older patient we will give him a lecture on respect !!!!!!! Al just walked by and said"I know why you didn't comment before I interrupted you, I saw it was a long comment but you didn't hit post and I was afraid to tell you then ,but you have started replying again I am safe."Men !!!!! Please tell your Mum I think of her everytime I put my wheelchair blanket on and tell everyone who will listen my friend in BC's Mom made it for me !
    53 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Bev, I enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us.

    Your Mom’s ER doctor sounds like he is in the wrong line of work. I felt my blood pressuring rising as I read about his treatment of your Mom and his utter disregard. I am glad her other doctor listened and is on the right path for helping her.

    Your friends with the Go Fund Me....what can I say? I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels the way you do about it.

    I am in the process of decluttering and cleaning too. Any amount of progress feels really good. Keep it going.

    Have a good week.

    61 days ago
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