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Saturday, November 14, 2020

I am thankful for.....this is the month that I try to record in public, social medias things i am grateful for. Day 12 is my most treasured sharing thus far ... Soooo thankful for a gentle, loving improvement in relationship with brother that has caused so much pain the last year and a half and also the daughter-in-law wife with estranged son. In the form of a beautiful photo, "Rainbow of Hope" , enlarged and framed. Those on my support teams have a list of 13 thus far and now i want to commit to the progress in health measures for me and goals for the last month and a half of the year.
The scales go up and down and I have trouble setting goals and then keeping that goal over time - today ends my last two weeks' challenge and helped me set goal for loss of an AVERAGE of 1/10th of a pound each day from now till the end of the year. that sounds weird until you put it on a graph paper and draw one line with that goal for two weeks then in a different color chart each day's wt. and see if you general drift of wt. follows the goal line. Each two weeks, is a fresh start with two lines start together. [ ***Note I need to weigh EACH morning and carefully observe liquid intake to keep on top of congestive heart failure signs and symptoms.]
So my routines go on for diabetes, heart disease and stents, celiac and very low mobility due to arthritis and neuropathy.
Very low cars, moderate GOOD fats, quality proteins [sugar free, low fat and never more than 1/2 my wt # in #s of ounces of liquids. Alternate days of Low cal 600 [M-W-F] and moderate calories 1200 [T-TH-S-S] . Still trying to get back to exercise bike but lacking discipline in that area.

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