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11-4-2020 I use this blog space to "journal" come back many times, I add to it a LOT!

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

If you have the time, please go to my last blog 9/26 & read. I added to it MANY times. THX!

emoticon11-4-2020 Hello! Our heater in the pool, stopped. The pool 'guy' is here now, thinks the thermostat is bad, he IS fixing it! it IS an old unit, we are having a heat wave for a few days more! 85 highs, 65 lows. Unseasonably! But not enough to keep the pool warm. I am so blessed, so no tears here! Swimming has been my 'go to place' during this stupid pandemic. I dream about being in it! Also wearing my new ZUMBA shoes, SO comfy, love to walk in them As well as dance! "Be the health you want to be, with what you have to work with, & I will, too!" A quote by me. I love SP & YOU for your amazing support of my life!!

(With Mom at our wedding 11-1-1975)

(my favorite photo of DH on our wedding day)

(our family & friends at wedding. Not sure why these photos are so important, but sharing them brings me great joy! We sent out 1,000 invitations, 2,000 people came, what a party! We are still in contact with many of these people!)

(This year celebrating, by ourselves & LUCY, because of COVID)

11-7-2020 Today is my last swim, until I buy a wet suit, no kidding! DH fixed the temperature gauge. Heating to 84 degrees, but the temps will go down to 45 tonight. Can't heat that much water, it is 10 feet deep, in parts. I will miss it SO much, looking into buying a wet suit. There is ALLOT to knowing about them. Still studying . I was hoping to hike today, but the 30 MPH winds will keep me from that. Plus the air quality is hazardous! (update 11-21-20, I have been able to swim almost daily, the outside temps are high 75 degrees)

Happy, healthy Saturday! I have started reading 'Spark Joy' Marie Kondo! & organizing, it IS changing my life, for the good! I've never read anything by her.Started in our closet. Turning it into a lovely dressing room, also! DH & I share it. I just finished the tee shirts, long sleeved & heavy or thin. I have ALLOT of them. Hiking, walking, shopping, etc. Our temps in this area go from 117 highs, to 32 lows. Released a few, but what is left brings me JOY! & that is what it is all about, right? Happy 46th!!!! emoticon emoticon So happy & I can't hide it!!!

Be safe everyone, off to mail sympathy cards, emoticon

Hi! Happy, healthy Sunday! Cold today, 59 right now, noon. Burr, no more swimming! I decided a wet suit wouldn't work. Too cold to get out of it, after a swim! emoticon emoticon
11-8-2020 I am finding Marie Kondo is not talking about de-cluttering. That's why I went for her second book, SPARK JOY, first. It seems to be about what things bring us joy. emoticon emoticon WHY do we have things that don't. Things that makes us feel 'heavy'. She says her method is not about cleaning. That will never get done. But rather Tiding up. Taking each object & 'feeling' it. Does it bring joy OR does it 'do something' as in a screwdriver, that does something that then brings you joy. I'm only in the first few chapters, but it has already changed my life! Our closet was a catch all. Now I am turning it into an lovely sitting space, & dressing room. My friend gave me her mother's (she has passed over) sitting stool, usually goes on the end of a bed. It is a VERY special piece for me. It is in there.Our closet is a small walk-in I share with DH. About 12 feet long & 4 feet wide. It is kind of the same concept I did in my own bathroom. (It is all mine, DH has his own.) It is small! About 6 feet by 8 feet. Tub & Shower combo. I turned it into my 'spa' ocean bathroom. Some of my favorite sparkling clothes, hang in there. All sea related. Angels, mermaids etc. Oil paintings by a friend & of course things I need to get clean. BUT I love going in there! So I am applying my creativity to our closet, too. I'll let you know how it is going. I didn't take 'before' photos, of the area I finished. That won't happen again! I will be draping clothes & scarfs, etc. on spaces that can't have anything on them. Like near the ceiling. Also, I am NOT doing DH things. He wants to do it. Only mine, for now. Our ceiling light might even become a small chandelier, all sparkling. I sure have enough things to make that happen!

I seriously didn't know until I started writing this message, how much it has transformed me. I have so much passion about it, even 'see' myself sitting in there, putting on shoes. ALL things will have a 'home' & bring me happiness! I'm back to playing! (This process is going to take time! Just doing it as I 'feel' to do it, giving myself several moths to finish!)

(photo from Disneyland hotel, 2019)

11-11-2020 Happy Veterans Day! Thx for your service, keeping our country safe! I would not be here without them!!!! Happy Veterans day! My father; my uncle & DH; love you all! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon (AND to Canada, too!)

emoticon emoticon 11-13-2020 I have been processing my life, because of "SPARK JOY" book, by Marie Kondo. It will take me quite awhile to finish. I am still learning, PLUS I have ALLOT of things. emoticon exercise! Up & down the stool. So I started with clothes & shoes. Several people have asked me for photos. It IS hard for me to 'put it out there', but IF it helps anyone, it is worth it to me. Please understand, these things all had a spot until I dumped them on the carpet. Total clear out before putting back. WHAT a mess! I try for doing this activity 3 times a week. I am just enjoying the process of being with my things. (some I made MANY years ago & most came from Good Will, VERY low cost, under $5.00.Except shoes, I buy them new) BUT the parts I have done, feel GREAT! I also cleaned & donated several 50 gallon bags. I plan on giving the jackets to a 'back in the work place' organization. As you can tell, I still have many jackets. I live in an area that needs layering. Jackets are perfect for me, for work in the field, too. I DO believe I will be back in it after the pandemic! BABY steps! emoticon

( Before)

(another before)

(donation pile. I took this photo so I can refer back if I can't find something!)

( activity tops, hiking, walking, etc.)


Happy Birthday to out FUR baby, Lucy! She is 16 yrs. this month! emoticon emoticon
(with her dolly my mom made for her)

emoticon 11-14-2020 to my beautiful 92 yrs. mother! She is my mentor, best friend & GREAT play mate! I sent her a fun present, wish I could hug her, but the virus is a no no. We talk on phone almost daily & email quite often. I love her so much!!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Mama! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I am going for a hike in the nature preserve today, in honor of her!

(A friend took this photo of her yesterday)

( 2019)

(2019 performing with Hayfever, we made him in 1969!)

( At Disneyland celebrating her 90th, she was the first Alice in Wonderland, charter, 1955)

emoticon I'm not really sure if these clothes photos are of interest to you. But posting them helps me! I got another square foot, tidied up & cleaned & finished, yesterday! My Zumba clothes! SO GREAT seeing them all 'happy' & ready to dance! emoticon


(after, only took me an hour, donated the too small clothes)
emoticon 11-15-2020 Yesterday was SO special! Lot's of photos of Mom's BDay celebration! She had a wonderful, loving day! More Tiding up from "SPARK JOY" book, Marie Kondo. (I started reading 11-2-2020) AND the pool heater was on, (we thought it was off) SO I got to swim yesterday!!!! emoticon The days are heating back up, this week. So more swimming to come. I was suppose to hike, but the pool is more important! A BIG surprise, makes me so happy! Have a great week!!!! Thinking of you & emoticon for all your good wishes for my mom. She IS extraordinary!

A short story, (read if you want or have the time): 1 of my SP friends commented that I have ALLOT of clothes. I joined SP 3-16-12. Instead of buying junk food & candy, THE SPARK emoticon talks of rewarding ourselves for small goals. I live in an area that has 8 Good Will stores. After the things good through the 'regular' stores & are VERY discounted below 75% off, they then go to our 'outlet' store. (This is not advertised as that kind of store. A friend that works there, told me it was) everything is re-priced at a discount. I would then go on Wednesdays 50% off days, for seniors.I gave myself a $20.00 a month budget. Always coming home with wonderful treasures, clothes that fit my slimming body & made me happy. I had a rule. The thing had to be in perfect condition AND fit. Once in awhile I would buy something that needed a little sewing here & there. Also, costume fabrics for the marionettes, etc. Things changed last year, things were not as discounted, no senior discounts, etc. So I stopped going. Then with the pandemic, they are closed. But that is WHY I have so many clothes & Angels & costume jewelry, fun things the world does not make anymore. When I look at them, I see them as rewards for a great lifestyle. I have gone up 19# in weight & still working on getting back to goal. Releasing them, as Marie Kondo suggests, if they don't bring me joy. & that is what I am doing. I started reading her 2nd book SPARK JOY & it truly is changing my life. (There are a couple of jackets I kept that will never fit, but I think of them as art pieces. Being a tailor, I can appreciate the perfect seams, silk linings, etc. So I hung them in our closet & look at them, as if they are a painting!) Happy organizing everyone!

11-16-20202 Breakfast was Oatmeal with roasted pecans & walnuts, pumpkin & sunflower seeds. Raisins & dehydrated apples & blueberries, oh my! Cinnamon & almond milk yummy!

I'm grateful for our pool!!!! Temps going up to 75! I get to swim all week! Have a GREAT week!

emoticon 11-17-2020 It will be 75 today! I keep our little Christmas tree up all year. emoticon I love the twinkle lights! I add decorations as the seasons change! Be happy everyone, we are strong! emoticon

( I grew this sunflower in 2002, for your enjoyment! I just wanted to share with you)

emoticon emoticon

(Another long sharing with you! Read if you have time)! 11-18-2020 My experience with Pilates & implementing SP 3,169 days of sparking EVERYDAY! : (I am on the SP Pilates Lovers Team): A friend of mine, Risa, has a studio in CA & a Sheppard Pilates DVD. She physically showed me how to do it, then I took the DVD home & used it for years!. I'm talking about the floor mat exercises. I also dance Zumba. Several years ago I tore my knee, dancing. (It is all good now). So I had to stop everything, even walking, till it healed. (it took almost a year) THAT DVD, changed my life.The inches just pour off of me! I will restart taking it 10 minutes a day, & add on till I can do the whole hour, again. I am still nervous getting up off the floor, so for core strength, I use SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core work out. 2 or 3 times a week. (I WAS doing an hour of Sheppard Pilates, 3 times a week) I am blessed to have a pool & temps went up enough for me to continue swimming, 45 minutes a day. I do a lot of Pilates moves & stretching & yoga positions, in the pool. REALLY feels great! Also, restarting Zumba DVD, at home, but NO leaping! I hike in nature preserve, 1 time a week, for about 3 hours & walk daily with our dog, LUCY. She just turned 16 so she is pretty slow, I don't push her. I also am reading & implementing Marie Kondo's SPARK JOY, method of bringing our life into order. I am starting on my side of the closet. It is helping me SO much. Doing it only when I feel like it. DH & I live on our own schedule, we are VERY lucky to do this! Work from home, etc. (I woke up after 5 hours of sleep, played in the closet & then went back to sleep for 3 more hours. I get 8 hours of sleep, daily). I am taking VERY good care of myself. Don't want to injure myself again! THX for reading! I'm going to post this in my current JOURNAL blog! emoticon

My before photo & start of SP 3-16-12

My Pilates body at goal 3-16-13 (#19 to get back to goal)

11-20-2020 I'm off to date night. A new "Young Sheldon!!!!" I worked, swam, walked Lucy, played with the closet some more, Spark Joy book, etc. We are home for thanksgiving, no visitors. 1,000 new cases a day, now in our county! Tomorrow going shopping for turkey & some fixings. We will keep things simple. I cleared out the freezer all the way to the bottom cleaned & then tidied up, lol. Making room for things going into it.

I'm off to rest & play with DH! Have fun everyone!

lucy says; have a fabulous Thanksgiving season!


11-21-2020 Thx for your comment about our LUCY dog, turkey hat! If I had a hat like that, I would wear it, even though it is 'just' us. I think it is important to have fun, no matter what. As you might know, I was Supergirl emoticon for Halloween. It was quite an undertaking getting that costume together. (photos in my blog dated 9-26). We didn't have trick or tr-eaters, but I DID go hiking at the nature preserve AND food shopping. It was the photos emoticon I look at & relive the fun. I do not want this year to zoom by without magic, I may create, just because of the horrible virus. (I know 6 people passed because of it) Living in a city that gets about 2,000+ visitors for holidays, hospitals already filled & about 1,000 new cases a day, I emoticon am VERY careful! My DH means the world to me (he's high risk) & I am happy & blessed to be able to keep us safe & secure, in our beautiful paradise home! emoticon IF taking these simple precautions is all I have to do, to do my part in helping my community & our tiny part of our world, then I will do it! No big deal! emoticon

Today I am off to grocery shop for our small Thanksgiving. I will wear my mask & gloves & be smiling through it all, to people I see on the way. They might not see my smile, but my eyes show it. emoticon I am still playing in organizing my 1/2 of our closet. The book SPARK JOY, has REALLY got me going. I have quite a long way to go, I have so many beautiful things. But it feels SO great to be able to see every single thing & know that it fits & is in perfect condition. & if I ever move from this house, it is already packed & ready to move! Haha! Marie Kondo suggests we take ALL of our clothes & put them in a pile, then go through them. I am a performer & have MANY options, so I am only doing type of clothes, at a time.) Have a fabulous weekend! emoticon

(DH & I for Valentine's day, our last time in a restaurant)

(I do A lot of layering, our temps go from 117high down to 30 degrees. Here is a 'before' of my cami's.)

(cami's after, still not sure this is of interest to you, but I add these photos for my 'journal' blog! This is my 'self care' project)

(Lucy looking out her sliding glass door, while I am typing this letter to you!)


11-23-2020 Yep, today is the last day of pool heater on. It's not warm enough outside to swim. emoticon emoticon But it has been fun! Usually we turn off in late September. I really have nothing to complain about. The high today will be 64, it's the low that takes all the energy to heat. It's going down to 37, tonight.

So that will give me time to SPARK JOY, Marie Kondo & Zumba, more often! Plus do my usual activities, work with DH in his business, clean house & play with LUCY, pup! emoticon Happy Monday, I'm back to it!

('before' sweaters, I finished going through them, yesterday. There was a huge storage bin I had some in, not shown. I donated about 3/4 of them! THX for your continued interest in my process, I keep showing all of you, because you have asked me!)

(donations 50 gallon bag!)

("after' and this is what I chose to keep)

(LUCY watching process)



11-24-2020 I've been trying to figure out how to communicate with 1 of our 'helpers' in our yards. I keep coming up against a wall. I may have to find someone new. Makes me sad, because I thought he had SO MUCH potential. I've been grooming him for almost 2 years. How do you deal with people, who just don't listen? Even when you keep trying to get through to them. I'm sure I'm not to be the first person with this problem! Finding someone new, will be VERY hard. Just thought I would ask you how you deal with these situations! SP helps me in so many ways! (I reached my small goal, finally! down 2# this week! NOW to stay there!) emoticon emoticon emoticon

(this is a blouse I am wearing for Thanksgiving. I just put swarovski crystals on it. I felt I needed something fun, even though it is 'just us' the virus is really hard on ALL of us, right?)

(Also, wearing my new Zumba hot pink shoes. These are called Zumba 'Energy Boss', I have 3 pair now. I dream about wearing them & love jumping out of bed, because of them!)

11-26-20202 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! emoticon

emoticon 11-27-2020 Mom's friends sent a sweet video of her, from yesterday. She looks so good! I miss her so much. But we did talk on the phone!

Our THXGiving was VERY special. Just the 2 of us, & LUCY, but still so important. I brought out the fine dishes & set the table & made everything so special. DH did a lot of prep work. So different than last year. He was feeling REALLY great! YEAH! He made homemade potatoes. I don't eat very often, but OMG yummy! I put back some of my turkey so I could have seconds! I only went over 300 calories for the day. I have REALLY learned to live this healthy lifestyle! We had strawberry rhubarb pie. YUCK! It reminded me of cooked jam. I've never had before. But DH wanted to try it, as all the other Marie Calendar pies were gone. It's ok. But certainly not worth 400 calories a slice! I'm not complaining, it was a lovely day, sharing with our tiny family!

Have a happy weekend. I did my chair core workout & my arm seems better enough to tackle my shoes, as per SPARK JOY, by Marie Kondo! I'll walk LUCY later, still rather cold outside! Stay safe & remember prayers to you, all daily!

(My ThxG outfit!)

(This was lunch. The dip I made from fat free greek yogart & added toasted onions, DH didn't care for it, I sure did!)

emoticon 11-28-2020 Off to hike and walk LUCY once it warms up! Listening to classical music, LYNN WARFEL, she picks music form movies. Saturday mornings. My favorite radio show!!!! She's been doing Christmas movies from the 1940's SO fun! emoticon

(Last year, I am in this photo As well as 5,000 other Santa's!)

(at finish line with Little Red, 1 of our marionettes)

(my head dress for Spark people)

(before, yikes!)

(after, so pretty. All cleaned & ready to play!)

(after ZUMBA shoes)

emoticon 12-5-2020 So today I was suppose to go on the L.V.Santa 5K, walk. It is virtual this year. I have until Dec. 26 to do it. It is usually today. This is my 10th year. Since I get to pick the location, I will walk at the nature preserve. Next Friday, as I need to be there, anyway. That will give me the time to rest, as I need.

DH & I are doing date night tonight. Pizza, Broccoli, Lucy & the TV show "BULL". Something we enjoy together.

I'm back to finish SP, logging in. BE safe everyone & KNOW I send each & everyone of you love & those who love you, prayers daily! emoticon

(Our back yard sends love & Merry Christmas!)

emoticon 12-8-2020 3 things that I have accomplished, lately:
1. Following SPARK JOY, Marie Kondo's book. Keeping at it.
2. Exercising & playing & having fun! 200 minutes a day.
3. Resting when my body says to do so! (This is a BIG 1 for me, I usually just push through)

emoticon emoticon 12-9-2020 I'm listening to Christmas music.So lovely! Wonderful talk with my Mom. We sang carols on the phone. She remembers them. YES! I love her SO very much! It is always a VERY special time for us. Mom & our cast, created a winter wonderland show. Using our marionettes, HUGE 5,000 square foot 2 floors, theater. Even the stage was white & the puppeteers (6 of us) had to wear white shoes & leave them on the stage, before we left. This was in the 1970's. Many of the numbers were from Peggy Lee's, CHRISTMAS CAROUSAL, album. I still use some of that music in my small Christmas show. I have the original Santa's sleight, & Mrs. Claus & several others. But because of the pandemic, not performing it, this year. emoticon Stay safe everyone & try to be happy & spread the JOY! You usually do! & emoticon for what you bring to our planet! emoticon

(This is FROSTY)I am not bragging, just showing you some of my past Christmas!

(FROSTY is a break-away marionette)

(Mom performing "SNOWY" his ice skates are candy canes!

(this is POPO, the first marionette Mom made)

(Mrs. Beaver Claus)

12-9-2020 Sleepwaer sorted & organized! (my sleepwear before)


12-10-2020 The following is my wish for ALL of Spark People land!


May your hopes be as high, as high
as the sky’s highest star!

May your Star be as bright,
as bright as your smile!

May your smile be as warm,
as warm as your place in the sun!

May your place in the sun,
bring you peace!

May the peace in your heart,
give you joy in your heart!

May your heart know the meaning of love.

May the love you will know,
when you know your in love,
be forever, and ever as true,
as the love, I have given to you!

(by Meredith Wilson, from the Musical, “Here’s Love” 1963)

This song was a marionette number performed by Mom & Me, for the first time on Dec 12, 2003. Santa Bear, singing & Mrs. Santa Bear (now a beaver, lol). Appearing in “It’s A Very BEAR-y Holiday”. I want to give everyone reading the above words, this powerful wish.
Love from,
December 2020

(at Disneyland for Christmas 2019, Celebrating Mom's 90th BDay!)

emoticon emoticon 12-13-2020 Yesterday I walked the nature preserve, for my annual Santa 5K, virtually this year. (my 10th year) Usually 5,000 of us, but just me & LITTLE RED. Mom made her & gave her to me several Christmas's ago. She was 1 of Mom's favorites. So I took her, & these photos to share with my Mom! She will love them! The weather was beautiful! Taking it a little easier today! Hope you are having fun! emoticon


(Finish line, haha)

emoticon 12-15-2020 Today I am off to grocery shop. Trader Joe's. It will be VERY beautiful! I have organized more clothes. Marie Kondo's book, SPARK JOY, says to dump ALL of your clothes into 1 pile. I just do not have the time or space to go through everything & organize it, like that. I am a performer, have been since I was 6 yrs. I take VERY good care of my things & they last for MANY yrs. I have MANY options for living & performing. I hope to actually be doing shows, again, after the pandemic! So I have been taking it 1 type of clothes at a time. The latest is my sequin or beaded clothes. & wraps or coverlets, lot's of layering in our area.YOUR support of my Tiding up project keeps me going! emoticon My small goal is to finish our closet by Dec. 31. I'm not sure I can make that, but keep at it & enjoying the process. IF I get over whelmed, I just look at what I HAVE accomplished. It is SO fun to see everything at 1 glance.PLUS lot's of donations, hopefully someone else can use what I can't. BE happy & healthy & I will too!

(Wraps before)

(Wraps after)

(beaded before)

(beaded after)

emoticon 12-16-2020 I've been house cleaning all day! 4 hours, emoticon 1767 calories burnt. I believe it!!!! LUCY emoticon had her groomer come to our yard.Lucy is having a VERY hard time standing up. Sweet baby. She IS 112 in dog years. I'm giving her time to adjust to all the changes going on, as far as cleaning the house goes. I thought I would get it all done, before she was finished. BUT, didn't happen. I also decorated after dusting, vacuuming; reorganizing the 'dinning' room & living room. Then I put up a few decorations. Washed the kitchen floor, DEEP cleaning. Trader Joe's was SO pretty! I bought a spray of pine 'leaves'. So lovely. Smaller & less costly than a real wreath. Smells WONDERFUL! I also picked up some healthy snacks, dried Mango, salad etc. Strange being in an actual store. I was VERY protected! I was hoping to wrap & pack the presents I am shipping out, but not enough energy to do that. So I put them into their piles & will get to it first thing tomorrow. After working for DH. Most of them are just a few hours away from us, so should be OK. They will get there in time. (I pray).

Sounds like all of you are doing good, too! Staying safe is the best thing we can do these days, right????? Kathryn, the groomer was wearing disposable face mask. She got them at the .99 cent store. They have 'twinkle' lights drawn across them. NOT real lights, although I have seen them on a friend! AMAZING! My reusable have angels on them. Who would have thought, that face masks would become a 'fashion' statement! HAHA! Cute! You all know me well enough, that if I can wear it I WILL!

I'm back to presents..... emoticon Love you, all! More another day!

(baby Grinch, I love this version of the movie!)

emoticon 12-17-2020 Merry Christmas! emoticon DH & I & Mom made theses marionettes! Santa is 3.5 feet tall & weighs 12#! (Yes! I am strong!) Created in 1980 or so, they have performed 1,000's of times. So fun to bring JOY emoticon to everyone! Hope your season is blessed, too!

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