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Updates and Goals for the month ahead

Sunday, November 01, 2020

October was a bit challenging for me on the home front. Both of my girls (age 19 and 24) are experiencing some difficulties with their mental health. My 19 year old went to visit friends out of town but before she left she self-harmed again and it's been happening more often again. My oldest left your abusive living situation (of 6 years) and tried living with friends but is with us now so we have to drive to and from work (so a bit of an adjustment at home for me as my fiance is on vacation for 2 more weeks before he can maybe coordinate to drive her in when he drives to work). It's all good because I want her somewhere safe and hope I can help her out.

I also hope to repair the relationship between sisters which was caused by this boyfriend she now left.

So needless to say while I mostly maintained my workouts, my nutrition suffered as I stress eat and emotionally eat. Rather than losing the 4lbs I'd hope to lose to land in 180'Ville I gained 5lbs - so I need to be more mindful going forward.

A new calendar page means setting new intentions and these are mine for November:
* continue my alcohol free lifestyle (Day 147 today and celebrating 5 months on November 8 and I'm done forever this time! #LoseDaBooze to WIN in life - check out my page if you ever want to know more about this journey of mine or if you're seeking support.
* journal again - I had let this practice go and it's therapeutic for me (and will make me more mindful of the foods I eat as well
* Let go of that which is outside of my control and let my daughter learn from her mistakes (the 19 year old has been taking drugs and is not doing well)
* balance my own wellness/supports as I continue to help others with my coaching business
* re-configure my workout schedule so it works with my 24 year old living here

I am praying for a better month ahead!

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