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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Everybody needs a friend---I just lost mine---
I joined the group , because I had very bad eating habits---I was very overweight--and I live kinda in the middle of nowhere-
I knew if I could lose weight I would feel better----

I struggled for a couple of years trying to do everything Spark told me to do--I read the articles --I did the exercise--- I learned that I had so many bad habits to change, and it seemed to take forever to get that knowledge into my brain---

One day, a message came into my Spark Mailbox from another Spark member who lived in Alabama--miles and miles from me---
She had picked me out, because we were born in the same year---
She asked if I could be her Spark Buddy--- if we could work at this together---keep in touch--try to stay within our caloric range--and report daily back and forth--
I thought I could "give it a whirl*-----

We emailed back and forth for quite a few years---
My weight went down--very slowly at first--- but, it began to fall, as I stopped devouring all the foods I used to pack away--- cut back on the amounts-- discovered that pizza always made me retain fluid-- and I began to make water my drink of choice.

This Lady, my weight loss buddy, stuck to her food plan---didn't go off it--- encouraged me to do the same, as I saw her weight fall---You know, cutting back on my calories , seemed easier when we chatted back and forth at the end of the day--We were in this together!

I began to phone her once in awhile, talking "SPARK"--telling each other how we had some better days than others and why--
She got to her Goal weight--I lost more weight then than I ever thought I could!

We stopped being Spark buddies over the years, but we always remained Facebook friends--I was advised last week that she had passed--I have no idea why---
My heart was sad when I read that she had passed----probably being one of the Spark Angels looking over us all--

But--Spark Buddies does work--
Not only that,-because of her desire to become healthy--- and my desire to do the same---even tho, we lived so far apart--her in the deep South--me. in the woods of Canada's North, over the internet, across borders, in a huge world, on a Spark site, we were "buddies,"
It really amazes me!
SPARKPEOPLE is a bright light in the North here, as well in the deep south, and also in countries worldwide!
Perhaps Queen Elizabeth might even be "Sparking"---

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