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Catching Up Post

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A quick catching up post and then tomorrow I will post with pictures of my Russian honey cake and updated pictures of me!

emoticon I'm exhausted! These hormone treatments have me flat worn out come that time of month! I can't work out because I'm struggling to just stay awake, if I manage that! The doc's remedy? More hormones! Ahhh! But she is the one with the degree, so I'll trust (for now) that she knows what she is doing.

emoticon I ran out of my supplements!! I was unable to buy replacement supplements until yesterday (fortunately I've budgeted now to buy them the same time every month, so this should not be a problem again!) and I've been without some of my hormone supplements (not the prescribed one, the OTC ones the doc wants me on) for a week and a half! I've lost my words again and am having problems with numbers and basic head math! The supplements are really working, in case I was doubting it, this is all the proof I need! I feel like I'm in a major brain fog. I can't think right. It's like the thought process is there, I know it is, I know the right word or the right math formula, it is just under the surface, but I can't get to it. Can't pull it forward. I know it, and I know I know it, but I can't use it. It's like one of those dreams where you know you CAN fly, but you just can't seem to for some unknown reason.

Me this week with the weather turning colder and me being so tired and worn out!

But! Before I knew I was going to be so exhausted this week, I planned on baking a Russian honey cake today with my girls. I had planned on baking it myself, baking is relaxing and fun. But the girls wanted to help, so I'm baking it when they get home from school this afternoon, we've had it planned since Saturday. It takes 3 full hours to make. It's a 10 layer cake. I'm not big on sweets any more, but I've been wanting to try a honey cake for years, and I finally stumbled across this recipe. The author says it is the best she has tried, and she has tried several.

I also made my first Amish bread this week! It turned out beautifully! Take a look:

emoticon That is from my first batch! I made a second batch the next day, and DH took some to his friend that bakes, and the rest of his friends that help out with band (along with some honey butter) and they all loved it. It is so much fun to make, but you have to be able to be there for it or it will not turn out well. It's one you have to watch. Yummy! The first batch I made, when we were tasting the first loaf, the family ate nearly the whole first loaf! (it makes two). I was tickled pink. It is my first bread that has turned out this well! And it has given me an idea for how to tweak the recipe for another bread to make it rise better.

Well, I'm off to cook breakfast!!


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