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More Weighing less Wine [ing]

Monday, October 26, 2020

Or Day Three of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight!   

Onto the scales I stepped this morning and I'd regained the 1lb 12oz I l'd lost last week.  No but no one is going to convince me that one 45 minute session in the pool can mean a difference of 1lb 12oz.  In fact, if that were the case, the differential is actually 3lb 8oz because one would have to assume I'd have lost a further 1lb 12oz if I'd been able to go to the pool again at the weekend.  Of course I realise that weight loss isn't as precise, or as simple as that, but still, the point stands.

Some evenings I have a glass or two of wine to help with the insomnia.  I'm not talking getting sloshed, or even tipsy - just a glass or two to take the edge off when I've been REALLY struggling with lack of sleep.  It doesn't send me to sleep but it helps take the edge off my stressing about it.  Obvs I take that into account along with anything else I've eaten/drunk on any given day.  But I am aware that alcohol can mess with one's metabolism. The only thing I can think of still to try [along with what I'm already doing], is to not have any wine at all.  I'm not talking about forever and ever here.  Just for a period of time to see what, if any, difference it makes.  Of course lack of sleep can affect your metabolism too but one bridge at a time I guess.  I won't know unless I try it so worth a go.

I normally weigh myself once a week.  I've always felt more than that wouldn't be helpful for me because our weight can fluctuate so much even in the course of a day.  I figured it's bad enough being p!ssed off once a week! However, for the next week or two I'm going to weigh myself daily.  Purely to see if I can spot any pattern that I'm missing.  Of course that could result in my being in a bad mood everyday.  Just saying like. 

Natch I felt totally fed up today and not at all inclined to do the 'circuit'.  I did go for a 25 minute walk though and did 5 minutes on the rowing machine.  Meh!  It still adds up to half an hour.  Same meat different gravy.

Day Three of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight completed - assuming insomnia doesn't keep me awake all night. 

Bright blessings.  
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