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“I am the storm”

Saturday, October 24, 2020

It’s nice to be able to write that everything health wise is status quo.

Tamoxifen has been religiously taken since June 12 and any side effects have been mild as far as I am concerned.
- weight gain....nope, hasn’t happened...I won’t let it emoticon emoticon I am holding steady at 134 by tracking my food intake and staying in range. It helps a lot that I don’t imbibe like I did in the past. It’s better for my overall health too.
- mood swings - aside from the normal 47 year old ones that tend to happen, my new practice of meditation and mindfulness keeps those (along with Covid and work stressors) at bay. emoticon
- hot flashes - few and far between and probably like the few that I’ve had before I took the meds...I’m sure they will hit at so we point either way! emoticon
- lowered libido and vaginal discharge....again, no real big, noticeable changes there

On top of those observable ones is also getting screened for uterine cancer....and I just had that done last week. Sonogram comparison from last year sees a few ovarian cysts, but nothing concerning. I’ll go back in January to follow up. I did a CA-125 blood test to check for ovarian cancer....and happily it came back negative! (That was an additional stress last week for sure!)

I look back at last year’s events and am amazed at the complete 180 degree shift in my life. Health scares tend to do that, right? I’m down in weight, I don’t drink to help relieve stress, I am on a regular doctor rotation (my team) to monitor my lady bits - top and bottom! emoticon I kept my promise to myself from the beginning of the year to blog things and not run away from feeling and thinking, which would always lead me to falling off the wagon when I did in the past.

Mindset and facing change is looked on as a challenge to persevere and whether the storm. emoticon emoticon

I’ve always done that prior to this “year of discovery”, but I’m more aware of how I’m actually doing it now...that’s another reason why I’m sharing. I believe everyone has that power inside them, they just don’t know how to harness it and hold onto it for longer periods of time. Being mindful and aware is a key part of that. Compassion for self and others is another part of it.

May you and yours have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Sending love and light to you who’s eyes fall upon this page. emoticon
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