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Baking Dilemma!/ Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Good morning fellow Sparkers! Up early with my coffee and having some quiet 'me time.' emoticon I love getting up this early to Spark, journal, and Bible study! This morning my dog, Hope, is grumpily joining me. She keeps groaning at me, lol.

So, on to my baking dilemma! It is that time of year, when the house gets cozy, the weather gets colder, coffee tastes even better somehow, and I just want to bake. This year seems to be worse, I really want to bake ALL THE THINGS!!! The good news is, I will mainly be baking things my family likes, certain things I found that DH likes, for instance I didn't know a particular kind of cake was his favorite till a friend of his made one and so I decided to make one too, but completely from scratch. I love baking things from scratch! But two things in particular are for me. Russian honey cake being one of them. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to try honey cake, and from the comments and reviews on the recipe, it is the one to try.

Fortunately, I don't have as much of a sweet tooth as I used to. Just a few bites of the cake from his friend that DH brought home (it was delicious! That is what I'm going to try to top! lol! He makes a wonderful cake though!) and I was completely satisfied, no sweet cravings. I had tried to give up sweets for Last 90 Days, but am going to pick something else to give up. Probably chips and snacky foods. I eat too many of those chips and they are just empty calories. I'm trying to stop snacking still too, making it a habit. Need to stay away from the cheetos. Anyway, back on track, I realized that I love baking this time of year so much and I don't want to not be able to bake. Because part of baking it tasting to see what you could have done better, or differently so you can improve the next batch. I love to bake, but I'll have to set up some ground rules for myself when I bake and taste to see how I can make things better the next time.

I have been so tired since I stayed up all night this last Friday! Spring chicken, I am not! I did not get any cardio in this week yet, but I did do about 30 minutes of strength training (core and arms) yesterday and about 12 minutes of stretching. Need to do my PT shoulder stretches today and really want to do some yoga. I did some last week and really enjoyed it. I need to get some cardio in. But I'm still so tired! I'll need to get myself walking, just walking and bribe myself with the old 'just 10 minutes' trick. Even if I end up only doing 10 minutes, that is more than I got today, so that would be great! No more naps, but I will go to bed early tonight. I wake up before my alarm goes off most mornings, so I think sleeping in is not possible. I feel like if I just start getting some more exercise in, I'll be able to sleep better. And, if I sleep better, I'll be more well rested.

Still at 200 even, but I expected as much with not having gotten any cardio and not watching what I was eating as closely. I need to start using the nutrition tracker again to make sure I'm getting the right amount of calories a day. But I did lose 2 more inches off of my waist somehow! What?! How did that happen? Nothing anywhere else, and I can see it for sure! Just off the sides of my stomach I now am starting to see dips, or curves. Yay! It must be all the dancing about that I'm doing to my happy music, lol. I love playing my music and dancing a little, while I cook or do chores. Makes everything more fun and a core workout to boot! Plus the core exercise that I'm doing now are no joke!

Spent most of yesterday on the phone trying to deal with issues. I realize now that the time on hold I could have been doing other things instead of more thing on the computer. Like I could have taken my phone downstairs and swept and mopped while on hold. Just have a pen and paper handy for any quick notes. My calendar is on my phone, so I'd have that readily accessible. Or I could have been doing my arm strength training. The only thing I don't like about that idea is I like doing all my strength training together, so I can have my timer going to see how long I've been working out. Hmmm. Being more active and doing housework seems like the better idea to me.

OH! I made homemade saltines!

The image didn't preview, so I hope it turns out okay. They were yummy! DH added parm cheese and more salt to the last half of the batch and it was pretty tasty! I only had a few, but they were good!

And I made ghee for the first time and ghee bread. Next time it will take more salt and yeast as it didn't rise as much and was not as fluffy as the pictures showed it would be:

Well, I'm off to start the day, being fully fueled on coffee and starting on my water! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!



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  • LIS193
    I used to bake when the kids were home, now not so much as neither DH nor I need it! I avoid wheat as much as I can, so that means no baking and honestly, I don’t miss bread, cake etc. I feel so much better without it!
    32 days ago
    emoticon This all sounds pretty good!
    I agree with @1CRAZYDOG ; doing the ST counts whenever and however it gets done. Dancing counts, too, even if you do it during some other thing you're doing. I dance through housework-I like housework way better that way! emoticon
    32 days ago
    I'm just starting to get into baking from scratch. I like baking from mixes, so I'm excited to try more. Here's to all the wonderful tastes and smells coming our way!
    32 days ago
    33 days ago
    This is the time of year when I like baking, too, just to use the oven to warm up the kitchen. But have to watch those calorie bombs!

    Your saltines and bread look wonderful!

    As for ST, just remember, even if it's not done all on one fell swoop, it still counts and your muscles know you've done it!

    33 days ago
    I love baking too. There is something about the process and the enjoyment of having a loved one really enjoy the end result! I unfortunately am a sweetaholic. I have to be careful not to make too many sweets. Sounds like a great morning.
    33 days ago
  • CARD512002
    I love baking...I usually bake cookies for my kids at Christmas time. I probably will even though they do not live close to me. I can mail them.

    Have a great Wednesday!!!
    33 days ago
    Inspires me to bake more
    33 days ago
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