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Weigh-In & New Program

Sunday, October 18, 2020

I'm starting a new program. I have a few reasons for this. Mainly because my health has declined and so I can't do the same kinds of things I used to do and it's a lot harder for me to lose weight now so I have to change the things I'm doing. I was on a plateau for a long time and now I've gained a bit of weight and I know this is due to the decreased activity and less than stellar diet I've had since I've been afflicted with this chronic bronchitis. But, I really want to focus on getting healthier. I still have weight and health goals, but I know it's going to take me a lot longer to reach them, and I know I'm going to have to work in increments. I'm starting a new program, too, because my focus really wasn't on health for a while. I was working a lot and focusing mainly on that. But I'm dialing things back with work right now and only really resubmitting rejected material and updating my site when necessary with new published works and blogs, etc., and not writing a lot of new material right now. The reason I'm doing that is because I feel I need a break to focus on rehabilitation and to get my strength back. I'm not doing this so much for vanity's sake, but more just to help myself recover and get back on my feet.

I did a weigh-in, but I don't have measurements or progress pictures because I'm in too much pain right now to do all that. I'll have those forthcoming in the future when I'm feeling a bit better. For now, here's my starting point.

Starting Weight: 288.4 lbs
Last Weigh-In: 288.4
Current Weight: 288.4
Weight Lost This Week: -- lbs
Total Weight Lost: 0 lbs
Target Weight: 130.4 lbs
I'm disregarding all other "highest weights" and just starting from here. It's as good of a place to start as any. This is where I'm starting at this point with my health so this is what I'm going to focus on. I'm going to leave the plateau-busting programs as I don't really feel like I'm on a plateau at this point and just work on straight health and weight loss.

Starting BMI 46.9
Last BMI 46.9
Current BMI 46.9
BMI Lost this Week: -
Total BMI Lost: 0
Target BMI: 21.1
I have a long way to go with my BMI but I feel optimistic here. For the first time in a long time, I do feel like my goals could be within my reach.

Starting Body Fat 50.7%
Last Body Fat 50.7%
Current Body Fat 50.7%
Body Fat Lost This Week --%
Total Body Fat Lost: 0%
Target Body Fat %: 10%
This is the highest my body fat has probably ever been. It's a combination of being able to be active and not being able to eat as healthfully as I'd like. So there's plenty of room for improvement here.

Starting Body Water 35.2%
Last Body Water 35.2%
Current Body Water 35.2%
Body Water Gained This Week: --%
Total Body Water Gained: 0%
Target Body Water: 50%
I've been taking my water pill, but I think I've been just strained by my illness.

Starting Bone Mass 8.2 lbs
Current Bone Mass: 8.2 lbs
Target Bone Mass: Not below 5.5 lbs

Starting Visceral Fat 15
Current VF: 15
Visceral Fat Lost: 0
Total VF Lost: 0
Target Visceral Fat: 7

Starting BMR 1922
Last BMR 1922
Current BMR 1922
BMR Gained: --
Total BMR Gained 0
Target BMR 2755
BMR is always tricky to manage but I thought I'd include it anyway.

Starting Muscle Mass 134 lb
Last Muscle Mass: 134 lbs
Current Muscle Mass: 134
Target Muscle Mass: Not Below 90 lbs

Starting Protein 8.5%
Last Protein: 8.5%
Current Protein 8.5%
Protein Gained This Week: --%
Total Protein Gained: 0%
Target Protein: 18%
have a long way to go with protein.

Starting Skeletal Muscle Rate 26.6%
Last SMR: 26.6%
Current SMR: 26.6%
SMR Gained This Week: --%
Total SMR Gained: 0%
Target SMR: 55%
I do definitely need to work on strength training and muscle building, although that's tough to do right now because of the pain in my ribs

Starting Fat-Free Body 33.8%
Last SFFB: 33.8%
Current SFFB: 33.8%
FFB Lost This Week: --%
Total FFB Lost: 0%
Target FFB: 20%
just a lot to work on all around

Starting Lean Body Mass 142 lb
Last Lean Body Mass: 142 lb
Current LBM: 142
LBM Lost This Week: -- lb
Total LBM Lost: 0 lb
Target Lean Body Mass: 105 lb
plenty to look forward to accomplishing in my new journey.

Starting Body Type: Good Body Shape
Current Body Type: Good Body Shape

Starting Body Score 78
Current Body Score: 78

(Just as a little PS: all the physical data from the device I use is relatively comparable to the data from professional devices)

My goal is to lose 0.5-1 lb per week. I'm going to utilize Spark as much as possible. I have an exercise program that I will do 5-6 times per week and my calorie range is 2340-2690. I'll be working on eating healthier foods, drinking more water, and finding suitable exercises for me. I'll also be blogging a lot and plan to weigh in often. I will also do my best to get in more movement and use my Fitbit as much as I can. I will keep you all updated on my health in general, including how my COPD is doing and all of my health problems in general.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good luck with your plan. emoticon emoticon
    1 day ago
  • KAYDE53
    Good luck with your new plan!
    1 day ago
    I want to congratulate you on your determination and well thought out plan.

    I read your page and we have one thing in common - chair exercise!
    Although I am fortunate to not NEED a chair, I find it helpful to focus on one thing at a time. We don't always have to be jumping around to burn calories and gain strength.

    One I particularly like and have bookmarked on Spark is the badly named:
    "Finally: A Yoga Routine for Bad Wrists!" (Jessica Smith) It comes up in a Spark search on the title.

    I also like to use my hand weights while seated.

    Good luck! Your determined attitude will help you to your goal. Hang in there.
    1 day ago
    Quite a plan - stay with it
    2 days ago
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