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Small beans (meaning, tiny paws)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

“We are in a pandemic! I just don’t wanna do this right now”, he said as an excuse to wait on adopting a cat months ago. He wanted to wait for things to calm down.
Then there were fires on three sides of us not too far away, dictating that we have a ‘go bag’ packed and positioned at the door ready to go at a moments notice, should we get that call.

Stress packs on in layers with things like rolling power blackouts, more fires, that completely eerie orange day we had in California last month [remember that Bay Area?], ashy air that we all know is definitely NOT a charred up tree or bush, but more likely somebody’s plastic blender or burned particles of a sofa covered in chemicals. We wear masks now for more reasons than Covid which was already stressful.
California fires have burned homes, displaced people, and animals. And those animals… oh those animals.

I finally convinced my better half that when you keep waiting for the perfect time to do things (like adopting a cat), one will always be waiting.
He agreed with me-WHAAAAT?

Our cat died a year ago but I have just been waiting for my better half to be ready for another cat. He was ready last week. I pounced!

We did a 20 minute zoom meeting so we could see this black thing jumping around. (Kinda blurry. Has lampshade on. Ack).
Next we gave a thumbs up or down, and the animal rescue sent us an email asking for payment.(Well, ok we’re the proud owners of a tiny lampshade!).
They told us to be there in an hour to pick her up. We didn’t even go inside, just pulled into the parking lot. They put the carrier box outside the door.
Spark Pals, we could’ve been picking up a box full of hamsters and we wouldn’t have known until we got home! So funny.
This little 3mo black cat is the size of a Japanese eggplant. So tiny.
I named her Alibi.

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