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Thursday checking off major BIG item on my list! - Update!

Thursday, October 01, 2020

BREAKING NEWS!!! My precious Claire announced today on Facebook that she is going to be a BIG Sister! Her mommy and daddy said due in May. It might push me into retirement so I can spend more time spoiling them both! LOL!

Today I had my first remote (not at the school), virtual (9 people from 5 different locations) IEP meeting. It was a HUGE challenge for me. The logistics were a web of chaos. Everything worked out PERFECTLY - two people had exactly 30 minutes to do the entire re-evaluation AND the IEP. We started 10 minutes late and despite that, we only needed 18 minutes to finish the meeting. It was epic! I was back in class at the time that the speech therapist and the father had to leave the meeting. I always end up anxious and my stomach gets tied in knots because I have so often had meetings that lasted more than an hour - record longest was one that lasted more than 5 hours and had the mother calling me rude names and stated that since I was a special education teacher, I should EXPECT to be bitten, and that the previous school didn't even send her darling home after he broke the teacher's arm and put the aide in the hospital with a concussion. My principal informed her that "IT WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THIS SCHOOL" and eventually the parent became a supporter of me and the principal both.

Well, the meeting preparation takes a heavy toll on me! I am exhausted and fully drained!

It is however a good feeling of accomplishment!

Be blessed and remember that YOU can make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you! Do YOU as though that is your mission in life, because it is essentially exactly THAT!
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