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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

If I were an American Citizen, I'm damn clear on how I'd vote in your forthcoming election.  However, I'm not so I won't bother you with my irrelevant would be voting intentions.  I imagine most of you are equally sure of how you intend to vote [or maybe already have?] one way or the other.  But perhaps some of you are undecided and tuned into the 'debate' last night [I use the term loosely] perhaps hoping for clarification?  Or maybe you watched even though you're pretty sure of your voting intention?  Either way, I wonder what you made of it? 

I was astonished on many levels.  I've watched many a political debate.  Indeed I've been a candidate in a few - granted for a FAR less important position.  For any of you who think I shouldn't be commentating at all, forgive me but America is a huge, wealthy, powerful country, and whoever you elect as POTUS is considered as the Leader of the Free World.  Is that changing I wonder?  In much the same way that the UK has punched above its weight for many years but is now willfully throwing that 'soft' diplomacy away and becoming an irrelevant little island once again.

Back to the debate.  I found it extraordinary that there was so much shouting and talking over.  Plus insulting your opponent and/or calling them a liar.  I'm not disputing the veracity of the accusations - I'm just wondering if that happens in your parliamentary debates too?  Here in the UK MPs aren't allowed to call their opponents liars [even when they are - such are our archaic laws].  There's one lovely story of an MP circumnavigating the rules as follows;

MP - Half the members on the opposite bench are liars.
Speaker - Order! Order!  Withdraw that remark.
MP - My apologies Mr Speaker, half the members on the opposite bench are NOT liars.  

Basically that sums up understated British sarcasm.  But tbh, I found when I was involved in the aforementioned debates, it was best to sit and actually listen to what the other candidates said without intervening.  As Bonaparte said - "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake" [sexist or what?].   Besides, they might be saying something with which you agree - in which case, say so when your turn comes.  People don't want fighting, they want agreement. 

I recall at one such debate the Conservative candidate kept banging on about 'more lighting'.  "What can be done about owners not clearing up their dog's poo"?  "More lighting" she said.  "What can be done about increased drug dealing"?  "More lighting" she replied.  "What can be done about decreased footfall in the market"?  "Better lighting and signage" she opined.  So it went on.  Until she gave one such answer [what can be done to reduce street muggings/assault/rape locally  - more lighting she told us], and I was next to reply.  "I'm so glad B agrees with us that more lighting is important.  Perhaps she could have a word with her party colleagues at County level who have just voted to switch off all public lighting from 6 pm until 7 am".  Given we were in an area that was REALLY badly affected by the reduction in street lighting that got a HUGE round of applause.  However, it also goes to show why I'm not really that good at being political 'cos I felt really bad about shooting the girl down.  

Anyhow, back once more to the far more important debate last night.  One thing I found extraordinary and yet wasn't at all surprised by, was Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists.  Astonishing because you know, we're talking America - the country that has welcomed so many [let's set aside the treatment of native Americans here which is a whole other story], and yet not surprising from a man that has consistently refused to condemn white supremacy. 

Other things struck me but enough for now.  How did you 'see' it?  Did it change your mind at all about either candidate?  Do you think it was a fair debate?  Do you think it's been fairly reported?  Will you bother watching the next ones?  Do you even think they should go ahead?  Non American friends - what if anything did you make of it? Forgive all the questions - I'm just fascinated to know the thoughts of you all.  

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I only watched a few minutes. I usually don't watch any political debates but wanted to hear what Biden would say on a few issues, not that that was able to happen. Not that it was going to change my vote for him as I didn't vote for Trump last time nor would I ever as I can't think of how any one else could be worse. I'm the mother of 2 black young men and I knew he would make life harder for them and really for all of us. He just barely keeps from all out white supremacist talk. I read where the Proud Boys are adding his remark to their page. I will watch again to see how they are going to make it a debate with some rule changes. Most of what I have read about the debate is not favorable to our President and rightly so. I so see him going to prison after he is out of office, maybe for the same crime as Al Capone.
    25 days ago
    This is the first president that has not acted like a gentlemen emoticon His non comment on white supremacy tells how he feels with out words.
    26 days ago
    To me, this was a debacle, not a debate. They should have killed the mike of the one not speaking while the other spoke. Soooo much rude interruption last night no sense could be made about their stand on issues being discussed, AND often the question the moderator asked were forgotten in the foray. **SIGH**

    I was appalled that there was no condemnation of white supremacy. Lord. Have we learned nothing from history!!! **SIGH**

    Clever retort from that MP.

    I will definitely watch the 2nd debate in the hopes it actually is a debate and we get answers on issues that need clarification.

    26 days ago
    HAH! I watched the debate last night for a total of 10 minutes. What did I think? I was sickened. These are, form all appearances, grown men, in leadership roles. Not only did I think neither sounded at all intelligent, and certainly not leadership material, I was floored at the screaming match. I was not shocked in the least at Trump's actions and support for the white supremacist groups. Will I watch the next one? Big deep sigh...I am not sure. emoticon
    26 days ago
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